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How it is correct to look after children`s volosika?

the Very first volosik at the baby appear on the 20th week of pre-natal development. Therefore by the birth they already sometimes so manage to grow that the baby is born with lovely ringlets.

But irrespective of with what head of hear the kid appeared on this light in order that its volosik and were farther healthy and beautiful, it is necessary to look after them correctly from the earliest age.

1. It is better to wash a mylysha the head with shampoo not more often than 1 - 2 time a week. At the same time it is necessary to use only special children`s shampoos with addition of extracts of medicinal herbs and vitamins. It is good if on packing there is a mark Without tears .

Try to soap the child`s head not too intensively. It is better to rub shampoo in roots of hair, it will help them not to sputyvatsya.

That shampoo did not seem to the kid too cold, it can be diluted slightly with warm water that by the way, will improve some of its properties and will help to be washed away better.

If on the head still remained with the baby so-called dairy crusts, it is better for nurseries to oil them hour for 1,5 before the bathing.

2. It is not necessary to use any conditioners! The effect of brilliant and obedient hair can be reached, having used the classical national recipe - after washing to rinse hair with water with a lemon (on 1 liter of boiled water - juice of a half of a lemon).

3. It is necessary to refuse drying by the hair dryer! Just it is better to blot gentle children`s volosik with a towel, trying not to rub them it is too strong and to allow to dry completely in the natural way.

4. It is necessary to comb the baby accurately and slowly too. The first children`s hairbrush has to be the small size and have a soft bristle.

For the child is more senior than 1,5 - 2 better to get crests from a natural tree with wide cloves and brushes with a natural bristle.

5. To volosika the light massage of the head which can be done also during washing, and before going to bed will help to gain density and gloss.

Observance of these simple rules will help to get to your kid a beautiful and healthy head of hear on envy to people around.

P. S. On a note to mothers: if the chewing gum incidentally got into hair of your beloved child - it is not an occasion yet to grab scissors and to cut off beautiful ringlets! For a start try to remove the maximum quantity of a chewing gum by means of a hairbrush, having dripped on it a little vegetable oil. Then rub in what remained on hair, approximately a teaspoon of mayonnaise or soft butter. Having scratched out everything that could fingers or a napkin, carefully wash out hair shampoo.