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Why on the Ukrainian railroads began to steal less than

In our country railway freights, doors of cars and containers ten years ago, hatches of tanks were sealed up by a seal. The seal - only a fragile piece of lead on a wire and in essence bears not protective function, rather information, reports that it was opened. The quicker it will be noticed, the it is more than chances to find criminals. Smart malefactors learned to pull out accurately a wire and to insert into place. The seal indifferently passed thousands of kilometers, and theft was found only in the destination.

Naturally, it was almost impossible to solve a crime because it could be made on each of one hundred stations. Generously flavored with corruption, plunders blossomed in the terry color until appeared zaporno - the sealing " device; Warta GP Vinnitsatranspribor which application brought fight against theft on the railroad to a new qualitative round. Time of sealing was reduced six times, idle time of a rolling stock under loading respectively decreased, work of workers who prepare cars and containers for sending is facilitated. ZPU not only seals up, but also is locked, and it is possible to open it, having only had a bite a steel rope with a diameter of 5,2 mm special scissors, having made effort in 2 tons.

Never will be in the world of rest until you beat out patriotism from the human race - Bernard Shaw joked. And if it is serious, is not present on light of more delightful feeling, than to be convinced that ours - the best. Americans who absolutely sincerely consider themselves - naisameyshy, recognized superiority Ukrainian zaporno - sealing devices (ZPU). Moreover, bought 1000 pieces, translated the booklet of GP Vinnitsatranspribor into English also advertize production of the enterprise in the two-component part of the world. Their gloomy self-confidence hesitated for a time after visit to Vinnytsia of the president of the " company; Glob - International who told the director of the enterprise Veniamin Abramovich Foygel: Your ZPU good, but costs 1,5 dollars, and ours - 65 cents . That looked enemy a product, called the chief engineer Sergey Fedorovich Shapovalov and suggested it to open ZPU that that with success and made. Barehanded.

- I never saw the person with square eyes. Read about it, but thought that writers exaggerate - it is so picturesque, sincerely and temperamentally Veniamin Abramovich told about this meeting. - At the American of an eye became square. Since then he became our ardent admirer. To the tragedy on September 11 in America cars ribbons sealed up, and now are interested in power devices. And we began to work on a problem of reduction in cost of ZPU. But about it later.

For clever - the press, for the fool - the lock. Such well-aimed specification to the word seal Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl in the Dictionary of living great Russian language gave. Really, zaporno - the sealing device without visible traces of damage scientific research institutes, laboratories work on an opening problem, competitors, but most successfully it solve thieves. They constantly invent something unexpected. Really, there is in the world nothing impossible for homo sapiens if he strongly wishes something. Veniamin Abramovich reluctantly tells about these cases. In - the first, reputation, and in - the second:

- Why to us to teach bandits? Yes, they try to bore through openings, to insert other rope, somehow even made a master key of a pothouse banks (steel magnificent, thickness of 0,2 mm ), and at them everything turned out. But now it will not turn out.

Foygel does not hide that continuous fight against malefactors and other inventors by the principle armor and shell: who whom keeps collective in healthy creative suspense, does not allow to relax. And though Horace claimed that nothing is perfect in every respect, Vinnytsia Warta becomes more and more impregnable. And in general not only thieves pour water on a wheel of technical progress, but also there is no accident and will splash a fresh stream. The enterprise received the first blow to reputation in day of the triumph:

- After state commission - Veniamin Abramovich tells - after an applause and signing of the protocol some lieutenant approaches and I speak supposedly the member of the commission, but was late, give that there should be signed and at the same time show under what I subscribe. Having looked at ZPU, speaks: I will open! Also opened! The rope sat and unscrewed slowly. And on Ukrzal_znits_ already the order went: to apply.

Is natural, there was shock. Three weeks engineers Vinnitsatranspribor did not eat, did not sleep. Looked for the decision. All ZPU work at a basis of an elastic element and are fixed not movably therefore the rope can be unscrewed (that is in principle it is possible, but does not mean that it is so simple). Still Stendhal said that it is possible to lean only on what shows resistance. And an exit, by contradiction - in " was found; To Warta - the " Station wagon; the rope is not fixed tightly, it is scrolled.

By the way, the device maintains temperature of -70 C. Too the case promoted. In 2000 called from the Dnieper railroad. The client addressed the chief of one of stations and told that he will open ZPU. Also opened. And demanded 100 thousand for the secret.

- We understood at once in what business - Veniamin Abramovich says - our product could be opened, having cooled up to very low temperature, for example, with liquid nitrogen. We were not afraid of it, at us hard frosts do not happen. However did not expect that someone will guess to use the fire extinguisher. the Greedy and resourceful inventor of money did not receive

, but Ukrainian Warta - one of the most reliable in the world. Modestly so to say.