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What is the quality of life?

I Remember this phrase I heard for the first time in 20 years The doctor said to my mother that her disease will not affect quality of life. And already then I reflected - and what is it? Got into dictionaries and reference books. Gathered interesting information! Encyclopedia of sociology:

QUALITY of LIFE - the collective concept designating the quantitative level and a variety of those material and spiritual needs which the person in the conditions of a certain society is capable to satisfy. At all range of levels K. within one society average K. Zh. allocation is obviously possible (it medians ) the society determined by economic and cultural potential, and also the productivity of social activities reached in its framework added with more or less uniform distribution of its results You understood something?

Even there is such concept as The INDEX of HUMAN DEVELOPMENT - the system of indicators accepted by the United Nations (UN) for the purpose of an integrative assessment of quality of life of the population of the member country of the UN.

I. The river of Ch. P. is defined on the basis of the following indicators: the expected life expectancy; education level; real shower gross internal product. I. R. Ch. P. reflects the average level of ensuring basic human potential with the country and testifies to that how many still the country should make for achievement of some definite purposes: average life expectancy in 85 years, access to education for 100% of the population, providing to the population of worthy level of the income.

At I. R. Ch. P. calculation all three basic indicators are reduced to uniform system of measurement by definition of achievements on each indicator as relative distance from the desirable purpose. The maximum and minimum value of each variable are transferred to a scale from 0 to 1, and each country is located in a certain point of this scale. At I. R. Ch. P. calculation the measure of relative achievements of this country for each of three basic variables is defined and the simple average size of all three indicators pays off. Than the country is closer to size I. River of Ch. P. equal 1, the less that way which still this country should pass to level and the quality of life taken for due. Same sociologists.

So by what quality of life can be measured, except above-mentioned? Really if the person lived till 85 years, he has the higher education and he has worthy the income - it has a high quality of life? And how to be with internal harmony? And here as the answer to my question - a call. I have an old friend - together once worked, she was my tutor. To it under 90 years. We maintain the relations with it, but long it is difficult to communicate with it. She is a man of means, has two higher educations. It seems all as on U.N. indexes. BUT! It deeply unfortunate person. Nothing, except a stream of abuse and dirt on the daughter-in-law, usually I from it hear. I try to transfer conversation, to amuse her - everything rolls down on a favourite subject again About what quality of her life it is possible to speak? On a condition of the health it does not leave several years the house. I try to show it all pluses of its state - the husband looks after her (he younger much more), the son loves it and helps it with everything. But it completely itself destroyed by the negative

I Think that quality of life consists of many moments, and the most important - HOW the person feels. If it is internally happy and free if he rejoices any trifle which around weight if he wants to create, love, I think, it also is high quality of life! It is clear, that quality and a standard of living - not same And as often in a pursuit of higher standard of living its quality is lost. Someone considers that quality of life is the correct way of life, the healthy and balanced nutrition, absence of diseases etc. But for some reason all forget about the most important - about an inner world. The person the fact that he thinks of himself. That inside, and outside. Happiness is a component of quality of life? And culture? And satisfaction with the life? As there is a lot of, it appears, at this concept of persons. And it not everyone. So it is QUALITY of LIFE? At everyone the answer to this question. But as I want that my relatives had a high quality of integral life! Be happy!