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What to interest the baby during bathing in moreover at the same time to teach something?

Probably, all will agree that water - the most remarkable environment for children. She is familiar to them long before the birth, in her they spend the first 9 months of the existence. In water kids feel cheerfully and pleasantly, they like to frolic and play in it, even without suspecting that with its help it is possible to learn much also.

There are a little enough interesting and fascinating things which will help not only cheerfully, but also to spend bathing time with advantage. And to those kids who not really want to sit in a bathroom and try to be chosen somewhat quicker, it will help to change process of bathing and to make it more pleasant.

The least baby who learned to operate the handles quite recently will like to potter with soapsuds. On it it is very cheerful to splash palms, spraying it on all room, it very interestingly and beautifully flies if on it to blow. The baby is more senior will be able to shake up a skin in a separate pan by means of shampoo or liquid soap and a tea spoon. This simple occupation will be useful exercise for motility of hands and will give the first ideas of interaction of such things as water and soap.

Bathing of toys will be not less instructive and interesting occupation. By means of two balls (it is more and less) the child can visually show water resistance, to sink a small ball much more simply, than big.

It is also possible to show to the baby that some things float on a surface (a ball, a plastic cube., a favourite rubber toy), some sink at once (a spoon, a stone., a coin), and some sink only after a namokaniye (a fabric piece, paper., mochalochka).

By means of a sponge it is possible to pour cheerfully water from one capacity in another. Here the children`s posudka and different pans will be put to use. Just pouring water from one capacity in another, the baby will get acquainted with various sizes. Obyasnite to the prankish why water from a big small bottle cannot go in all in small.

Boys can be interested in the simple ship made of polyfoam, a toothpick and a sheet of paper. It is easy for such vessel to arrange the real storm, creating waves hands or a shower.

The girl will like to wash the dolls, to treat them " tea; from a children`s posudka or to wash their clothes or kerchiefs.

Even it is simple to water foam with a self-made rain from a leechka to children it will appear very interestingly.

All these occupations will help the kid cheerfully and to spend time in a bathroom with advantage. The main thing that parents rejoiced together with the child. And then bathing will really bring only positive emotions and joy, and will become one of favourite affairs of the peanut.