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How competently to lease the apartment?

my friends and the family hand over the empty square meters long ago and often. It is a good increase to pension or a salary. Someone got the apartment in inheritance, someone married / married and moved to spouses, and someone hands over a big living space, itself at the same time removes smaller. At everyone the choice. The extensive experience of housing commissioning is saved up. It is known that on others mistakes study wise to

What needs to be known competently to lease the apartment?

The first. At first hand over through realtor agency. For what? In - the first, look HOW they hand over. In - the second, the experience will appear, in the future to you will be to find more simply and easier clients. Though not each agency can brag of professional shots. Try to give to

the announcement - I Lease the apartment and squall of calls from realtors will fall upon you. And it is absolutely unimportant that you wrote in it I Hand over without intermediaries . Usually the housing market on hiring is very accurately traced by realtor offices. But with them I advise to sign very detailed contract - that has to make agency and how many will take for it. Usually they right there place your announcement in newspapers or offer you clients from the base which is available for them.

The second. your task - accurately to know the prices of housing commissioning in your region. Do not overstate market price of the housing. Estimate it really. Ring round several agencies, to a poshpionta - learn the price of similar housing. different factors can exert

On the price impact: the district of the city, term of construction of the house and quality of apartment renovation or its lack, existence of infrastructure near the house, existence of furniture, household appliances, phone and even a dedicated line, the floor, metric area and term of hiring. Very great influence on the price is exerted by nearness of your house to educational institutions. Often apartment is rented by students.

The third. Be defined in the preferences - whom you would like to see in the apartment. Choose the client carefully. You do not hurry to hand over it to the first comer. Often it is fraught with further troubles. It is difficult to guess who will be an accurate tenant - a young family, the lonely woman or students.

Surely meet the tenant, do not assign it to realtors. To them all the same, and the apartment - yours! After a meeting already to decide - to hand over to you or not.

I still as practice shows, cannot absolutely be guessed how the apartment will contain, on a national sign. In each people there are neatniks and slobs. Be not a nationalist.

The fourth. Competently sign the contract with the employer. Here the help of the competent realtor or familiar lawyer is required. Discuss everything! All details. How many the person will live in the apartment (my uncle leased the apartment to ONE Vietnamese student - lived 8 (!!! ) the person) for what purposes the apartment - under office is employed, for full-time residence etc. It is very important too. At my entrance the neigbour complained that she leased the apartment for accommodation, and now the sect gathers here and sing anthems, everything preventing to live. And it happens. Surely specify about a possibility of accommodation in your territory pets. Especially if you or members of your family have an allergy to wool. Happens and it is of the rental apartment do an animals shelter.

If you lease the apartment with property - make the detailed inventory and a fortune. It is good to describe also a condition of the apartment. Repair existence etc. The in more detail you will describe all details in the contract, the relations with the tenant will be simpler. Surely specify by

payment term - better if it is an advance payment. And hiring term. Then you will not be presented with a fait accompli that the apartment is already empty yesterday.

Discuss also conditions of release of a living space - during what period and for how many days before departure residents have to be warned. Do not hesitate to describe everything. Eventually, this apartment - your property. I pay your attention, the employment contract - the contract with the natural person, RENT - with legal. Be attentive.

The fifth. Surely discuss payment of utility bills and telephone negotiations. State in the contract who, in what terms and for what payment documents pays these payments. You monitor long-distance negotiations of the residents or cancel an exit on mezhgorod. It is also your secure against penalties and a penalty fee.

The sixth. the Most important for the sake of what all of you started it - as there will take place payment for housing. Also reflect all this in the contract. Cash calculation or money transfer. Terms and size.

If the contract is signed for long term, specify a possibility of increase of a payment for rent in connection with change of housing market. Reflect terms of the warning of increase of a payment.

Advice to the lessor. Surely pay taxes. They are absolutely small. Only 13% - income tax. But for this purpose it is necessary to register the employment contract in the regional tax inspection.

I at least once in a month appear in the apartment - it will give the chance of control of observance of all terms of the contract and integrity of your apartment.

Let everything at you will turn out! Good luck!