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How to estimate the second-hand book? Part 1

Trade in second-hand books - the mysterious branch of the market which is not giving in to the mathematical analysis and logic.

At once I will make a reservation that this article is limited to second-hand book and does not cover huge and interesting sector of the book antiquarian as in this case at an assessment much broader and specific knowledge is necessary.

There are no accurate and certain reference points what were pre-revolutionary book catalogs, at our disposal now. Besides the range of the printing book increased repeatedly.

Today`s book market is characterized by lack of control both of publishing process, and behind pricing process in the field. So the main tendencies of formation of the price are defined by book publishing houses and sellers.

In case of the book of the second-hand price entirely depend on the seller whom often there is a wish to call the almost forgotten word speculator . Speculators just also undermine normal pricing because the price is formed not by the principle of a ratio of supply and demand, and self-willedally. Such sellers in a pursuit of excess profit expose the prices which are overstated several times. Logic at the same time reinforced concrete, as a face of the shop assistant in the Soviet epicure: it is necessary - you will buy and what you wanted?! .

(And furthermore, in the province) it is not enough existing secondhand bookshops in Moscow to regulate a situation. So they as monopolists are inclined to some increase in prices. In Paris, for example, quantity of second-hand benches in tens times more, so and the price competition much more intensively. To look what happens to the prices in that case it is possible on well-known To the Top crust where logic of the seller approximately such: Tell me minimum price at which you saw these goods, and I will think, than to tempt you . This correct market approach.

Other party of a medal - ignorance and the overestimated assessment of the treasures owners of books. Any who got from the grandfather complete works of Stalin in 13 volumes and several subscription editions of classics, thinks that it is waited by open embraces and a solid pile of notes. And if on the shelf the shabby small volume of Bram of the edition of the beginning of the century, then it at least " was overlooked; awesomely expensive book .

Reality such is that bookstores are ready to work only with elite second-hand literature. I witnessed how sellers of one secondhand bookshop refused to accept to an assessment of 10 boxes of books of the naive inhabitant, motivating it with the fact that before closing of shop remained 20 minutes. At the same time they did not even take an interest in contents.

In many respects they can be understood - the ordinary bookcase of the average inhabitant is overflowed with Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy`s weighty volumes and is working - country prose, the leaving even not million, but milliard circulations.

Ask yourself - who has houses there (was), say, a red two-volume book of Mayakovsky (it seems, 1987 of the edition)? Personally I see it in every second bookcase. Now the task is more difficult - try to hand over it in secondhand bookshop. I assure you, mission is feasible only for heroes.