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Who spent all early childhood under a grand piano, but dreamed to become the tailor?

on October 24, 1882, 125 years ago, the sky at last took pity over the respectable bourgeois Kalman, living in the resort town of Shiofork on the bank of the Lake Balaton. His spouse gave birth to the son (several years two daughters - Bela and Vilma were born earlier). On pleasures the young father was ready to take for a drive the whole world on the boat on the picturesque lake.

Lived Kalmana without special chic, but also did not live from hand to mouth. In any case, - zha Kalman never puzzled that to prepare for it for lunch - these honorary duties belonged to the cook. And delights of clear-out by it were unknown: a two-three of women from servants did not bring the room to a similar work involving all hands. And time time at mummy remained much, she paid to children special attention.

They should be borrowed with something. And better, than a grand piano, hardly something could teach younger generation to diligence and assiduity. But if senior, Is white, showed a habit and after several unsuccessful attempts to force it to regular trainings told firm is not present Vilma - her wholly was answerable for the sister, the poor thing, forced to scrape scales all day long. However, by then, when the younger brother already learned to go and to speak tolerably, Vilma already finished tormenting unpretentious and simple melodies and sometimes arranged such concerts that the father of family involuntarily brushed away foully the rolled-out tear - the daughter was able to take for live.

The family noticed not at once that the little son began to vanish somewhere. That is from the house it did not run away, but also in its rooms was not. It was absolutely incidentally established that the kid arranged to himself mink under a grand piano when on it Vilma played. Sometimes it it is bewitched listened, in another - just filled up if music was slow and viscous.

- You, probably, will become a musician, - guests when parents told about " with affection admired; nest under a grand piano, which twisted four-year-old Imre. Is not present - the kid firmly answered, - I want to sew beautiful dresses, I will be a tailor!

However, professional addictions at such age are as changeable as the beauty`s heart. Did not pass also two years as the boy also did not think of the desire to become the tailor already, but assured all that already decided on the future: he will become a lawyer! This thought was already pleasant to daddy more, and in the future he insisted on that Imre became the student of the Budapest university. But it, having handed over seven sessions at law department, all - did not overcome the eighth. At least because in Academy of music at the young man there came busy season - on February 29, 1904 in the Budapest Royal opera theater at a concert of graduates of composer office the first performance of the symphony of Imre Kalman " took place; Saturnalia . It was combination of two jumps in one - execution was the first and the last.

But the most terrible was not in it. Imre did not study up also on the lawyer, and could not be the musician - in Imre`s childhood so tired hands that he had not to dream of career of the virtuoso. In five minutes after the beginning of game it made impression that someone invisible beats palms to the keyboard strong nails. Each movement caused an acute pain. Whether to symphonies here?

However Imre made up the mind to one desperate step - wrote the next symphony. And again the destiny refused to smile to it: where he would not address with the offer at least to publish the symphony, not to mention statement, to it it is polite, but firmly refused. And in the homeland, and in Germany with Austria where he addressed in search of the publisher.

- Yes what me now, to write operettas? - in despair Imre in conversation with elder sister exclaimed somehow.

- Then so, - smiled the sister. - do not tempt with

, - the brother begged, - I am the best pupil of professor Kessler, the owner of an award of Robert Folkman! Not to happen to it!

And what to do? Obstinacy obstinacy but to beg for money parents at such age of Imre considered as business by even more humiliating. Therefore he declared houses that leaves for indefinite time. In a small town near the Austrian Graz he removed the small apartment on an attic, took which - what products and was locked not several days, previously having dragged a leased old grand piano to the lodging.

Already definitely not to establish what served as the main impulse to creativity. But Imre was so angry on himself, on destiny and for the whole world that from - under keys charming masterly music took off. Vienna, all last ten years living in catalepsy after death of the king of waltzes Johann Strauss, blew up an applause in January, 1909 when Kalman presented the first operetta Autumn maneuvers . Previously, in February, 1908, Imre presented the operetta on court of the Hungarian audience. After Vienna the operetta was given in Hamburg and Berlin a cordial welcome.

And Imre thoroughly " is farther; sat down on operettas. Among them were successful and not really, memorable and filtered through human memory as if sand through fingers. War and death of the sister Bela, a dreadful disease of the father and forever the girlfriend Paula Dvorak chained to a wheelchair (it was more senior than Imre for ten years). It seemed, still slightly - slightly, and life finally will pressurize composer.

How you think who rescued Imre? At all not the member of the Komsomol, but the sportswoman and the beauty, the young Russian actress Vera Makinskaya who emigrated with mother from Perm - it was granted to Kalman by destiny as a gift. The author made a noise Queens Chardasha (our operetta is called Silva ) fell in love with the young beauty before pulse loss. And even on a difference in thirty years of Imre it was absolute to spit. Especially as the young wife pleased the husband at once with the boy and after this presented also two daughters. And it it gave operettas to

the King an easy genre in music ended life tragicly. In December, 1949 Kalman paralysis suddenly broke. One half of the face at it was completely paralyzed. He could not speak, and hardly shuffled the feet. Then there came improvement, but on October 30, 1953 in Paris the illness finally got the best its

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