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Who such Carlos Castaneda?

will Hardly be the person who at least once in life did not hear of Carlos Castaneda. By right it is possible to call this person one of the most popular persons of the XX century. But at the same time his life is practically not known. About this person a lot of things are written, but anybody still has no clarity, mysteriousness of this person is comparable unless to his popularity.

It is not enough authentic data on his life - generally rumors and conjectures. Only the fact that he wrote is precisely known and published twelve books of best-sellers, and also founded the " company; Cleargreen “ who owns the rights for a creative heritage of Castaneda to this day.

In Russia Castaneda`s books appeared at the beginning of 70 - x years. The self-published anonymous translations were reprinted on the machine about two decades, so far, at last, at the end of 80 - x years official publications did not appear (first in the same translations). At the beginning there were first two books. The third book - “ Travel to Ikstlan “ (1972) - it was “Journey to Ixtlan“ for readers the real drug.

When “ it became possible “ many Russian publishing houses not only published Castaneda`s books already famous by then, but also very quickly translated all the freshest, lagging behind America very little. How many readers and followers today at Castaneda in Russia - it is difficult to tell. But it is known that its books do not lie too long on counters and on book shelves too, and as in former times, are handed over, become engrossed in reading to holes.

The famous writer Victor Pelevin somehow told in interview that he considers “ Travel to Ikstlan “ Castaneda one of the best literary works of the XX century. In the essay “ Ikstlan - Cockerels “ Pelevin writes: “ One consider that Castaneda revealed to the world secrets of ancient culture of Toltecs. Others believe that it is just dexterous compiler which collected a herbarium of quotes from Ludwig Wittgenstein and the " magazine; Psychedelic Review “ and then mixed them with original anthropological material. But anyway Castaneda`s books are, first of all the first-class literature that is recognized even by his most furious critics “.

In the books the mysterious American anthropologist Carlos Castaneda describes the training at the Indian magician Don Huang, to other vision of the world. This new attitude as a result has to change so cardinally the nature trained that it allowed it to be transformed completely to a certain power substance, and, having kept understanding, to go beyond not only the transitory body, but also out of limits of reality available to the ordinary person.

Castaneda created a furor the fact that made general property ideas of Indians of a peace arrangement almost unknown to the western science and the person. And they, these representations, were not primitive. So far white people studied on “ wild “ to Indian tribes “ history of development of a civilization “ those from generation to generation imparted secret knowledge If to clear the doctrine of Don of Juan of natural centuries-old stratifications in the form of especially Indian legends and myths if not to give in to charm of a peculiar terminology, Europeans can find its obvious relationship with familiar for a long time Taoism and a zen - the Buddhism (if, of course, to clear also them too), which only out of ignorance can be counted primitive.

According to Castaneda, one of the main stages transformation of the pupil into the magician is a process of deleting of the personality which begins with deleting of personal history. And, it is necessary to pay it tribute, Carlos Castaneda succeeded in it, having created an aura of such mysteriousness around the person. It very seldom gave interview and refused flatly to be photographed (nevertheless, by mere chance, several its photos nevertheless were published).

Stories about themselves of Castaneda very strongly differ from the version of the " magazine; Time “ which made careful journalistic investigation. In the official biography Castaneda not only lowered to himself ten years, but also the mother “ buried “ for twenty years earlier, than actually, having presented directly - by the orphan.

Once Juan told Don to Carlos that that has to forget all whom knows. Upon return to Los - Andzheles Castaneda rented apartment in a quarter from the house where it was already looked forward by friends, and asked one of them to bring to it which - what things, and all the rest to take away to itself. Friends considered that Carlos went crazy and that sooner or later madness will recede and he will return. It did not occur.

Even more sharply Castaneda suspended relations with the beloved. He invited her in restaurant. At dinner she became angry and began to scold him. Castaneda got up and, having declared that he should take which - that from the car, left and did not return. Before leaving, it took an interest at the girl whether is at her what to pay for a lunch and whether she has money for a taxi to come back home. It left it forever. Thus, Castaneda dropped out of sight all the acquaintances and friends. Where it was, only two - his agent and the friend who was taking away the letters coming addressed to Carlos knew since then.

When on April 27, 1998 Castaneda died, messages on it were published in newspapers only on June 18. Even the fact of death of Castaneda (according to official statements, the writer died at home from cancer a liver) was apprehended in society ambiguously. Many of his followers believe that he did not die, and only, having transformed as appropriate the body, passed into that other world about which wrote in the works so much.

Somehow journalists asked Castaneda a question:

- What waits for Carlos Castaneda ahead?

- I will Surely report to you about it, - that answered. - Another time.

- And whether there will be this at times?

- At times will be always.