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You my breath... Or how it is necessary to breathe correctly?

diseases of respiratory organs were widely adopted Now extremely. The cause is the polluted air, smoking, abuse of antibiotics plus is a lot of other reasons. But as it is known for a long time, our health - in our hands . For a start it would be desirable to recommend you means which is capable to strengthen your health considerably. You do not need to make any economic expenses, there is enough only desire.

All know for a long time that European chest breath in a root is wrong. It is possible to hope for good health, yogis assure, only at breath by a diaphragm and only through a nose.

For wellbeing of all organism it is worth mastering rhythmic the breath consisting of the quiet breaths and exhalations which are carried out strictly into the account. Feature of this type of breath is that the exhalation has to be twice more long than a breath. It is capable to de-energize, fatigue, apathy.

At full breath which follows polzovatsyav to well aired room or in the fresh air, the long exhalation through a nose, then same, a nose, a long breath follows at first. Feel how air as if squeezes out to you a stomach, forcing out air from lungs, and in exchange your body is filled with vital force.

Before going to bed it is useful to breathe each nostril separately and in turn. Having diligently exhaled, a thumb of the right hand clamp the right nostril, and left make seven slow breaths and exhalations. Then a finger of the left hand cover with a forefinger the left nostril and breathe right.

If you are tormented by insomnia, it is necessary to lay down on a back and to relax a body, to mentally check each stone, each muscle in turn, appearing through their imagined small lamp with a warm red beam. When you are convinced that the body is really quiet, make a deep and slow breath a mouth. Put lips a tubule and imagine that the breath you warm the cold child`s handles - here such warm and it has to be kind.

Try to present that your breath is quite perceived, material and a long warm stream envelops, winds on a spiral, since finger-tips of legs, your having a rest body. Wind the breath a body from legs to the top, densely, a round to a round. If necessary repeat once again. As shows experience, much have enough only one cocoon for quiet and sound sleep.

Here some of the most widespread recipes of traditional medicine on treatment of diseases of respiratory organs.


the carrot juice which is carefully mixed in a proportion 1:1 with sugar syrup Calms. To drink this mix warm, on a tablespoon of 5 - 6 times a day (to children on a teaspoon). In the same way to prepare juice of a radish or turnip with honey.

20 g of a wormwood to fill in 0,5 l. and to draw vodka not less days in the dark cool place. To accept on one tablespoon three times a day to food and 1 more times before going to bed. It is better for children to refrain from vodka infusions.

Cowberry juice and as much honey to mix and accept for a phlegm otkhozhdeniye.


In a glass of milk or water to boil 5 - 10 g of the crushed hemp seeds. To drink the received broth in a day several receptions.


at cold or the begun flu needs to accept Each 2 - 3 hours a tablespoon of onions juice.


For treatment of quinsy can suck a carnation which is used for a pickles, and after a while to get to the core of a kernel.

I hope my councils to you will help. Good luck, be not ill.