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You did not find my wooden leg? or Why people such rasteryash?

some people have objects surrounding them lead own life: umbrellas remain on a seat in a minibus, teaspoons disappear in a garbage can together with an empty glass from yogurt, the nail file hides week in a pocket of the shorts which are in a basket for dirty linen, the package of sausages enigmatically appears in a bread box Mobile phones, plastic cards and flat keys disappear also mysteriously and is inexplicable, and the annoying that often they are not!

What is only not lost by people! On the materials Independent newspaper in the Moscow subway passengers lose trunks with new things made in China carts with seedling, purses, documents, mobile phones and umbrellas. Perhaps, lose also more expensive things - laptops, hours, a PDA, however such losses, as a rule, do not get to lost and found. The ballot box with ashes was the most unusual thing which got on a warehouse of finds of the subway ! The man brought a ballot box with mother`s ashes from St. Petersburg to Moscow for burial, however forgot it in the subway. Did not begin to look for. He was found - on a ballot box there was a name. Loss was returned.

As the same reported NG people lose much more things in land public transport. Most often here leave gloves, purses with the small sums of money, umbrellas, books, female handbags with cosmetics and documents. However in this warehouse it is possible to find and original finds: the folder with notebooks from music school, a children`s ball dress with Czeches, a set of clothes of khaki, the book on nuclear physics, a billiard cue and fluorographic pictures.

But not only Russians such rasteryash. In lost and found of the London subway, except the same gloves and purses, it is possible to find inflatable sex - dolls, a whaling harpoon, a hookah and even a set for man`s sterilization.

Japanese lose bags with products, hats and raincoats, laptops and kittens in special containers for transportation of animals.

The Parisian lost and found was visited by such unusual finds as crystal egg, a wooden leg, a gold ingot, crutches, skulls and funeral ballot boxes.

Italians leave many things on the beach. Workers of beaches find in sand gold chains, hours, keys from the house and from the car, sunglasses, bathing slippers and mobile phones.

Probably, each person at least once something lost - whether houses, on the street, in public transport or still where - nibud. Which of us, having acquired the honourable right to carry a flat key from parents, did not lose it in the first week? Who did not appear in a situation when absolutely it is not possible to find in any way a thing which held in hand only couple of minutes ago? Probably, all faced it.

But there are people for which to lose things is favourite hobby . Their family quickly gets used that there is nearly every month a need to change the door lock, to buy new pair of gloves and the next phone. In the afternoon with fire you will not find pair socks in a dresser at such people. They leave for work, having left at home the rights and the mobile phone. These are people - rasteryash. That is the people suffering from absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.

The absent-mindedness happens two types. The first look is an absent-mindedness as result of the general carelessness. It can be manifestation of weakness of nervous system of the person, exhaustion and a sleep debt, lack of a habit to work with concentration.

Once, being still a student, I came into shop to buy something tasty. When time to pay off approached, it became clear that the purse in my handbag is absent. It is good still that I was not forced to display on regiments contents of the cart filled with products. It happened to you? With me it was only once. Usually I precisely know where there is my purse. Therefore I then decided that it at me it is simple - naprosto stole.

On the contrary - the purse lay at home on a bedside table. I could not remember when I managed to lay out it from a bag. And all the matter is that the day before I slept only two hours as I prepared for examination. Coming back from passing an examination, I also came into shop to buy delicacies and to thank itself for the deserved five. But it did not turn out. And the cause is - the absent-mindedness of the first look which visited me.

The second type of absent-mindedness arises when the person is concentrated on something one and therefore does not notice anything else. The people who are carried away by the business differ in such absent-mindedness. Sometimes such absent-mindedness is called professorial as it quite often occurs at the people pursuing science.

I can be an example of such absent-mindedness jokes about the famous people.

the Famous composer and the chemist A. P. Borodin together with the wife was going to go abroad; the official checking passports asked Borodin as call his wife. And that could not remember. When his wife entered the room, Borodin exclaimed: Katya! For God`s sake, what is your name? .

N. E. Scientist Zhukovsky approaches the house, rings a door. From - for doors ask:

- to you whom?

- the Host? there is no


- And the hostess? there is no

- Too. And what to transfer?

- Tell that Zhukovsky came.

the Woman brought to Newton for breakfast egg which he was in the habit to cook on a spirit-lamp. Once, when the woman entered Newton`s room again, she saw such picture: in a saucepan on a spirit-lamp hours cooked, and Newton stood nearby, held egg in hand and attentively looked at it so as if it was the dial of hours.

Many rasteryash have bad short-term memory. Having sat down on a seat in the bus and having delivered a package of products to itself in legs, the person, having risen from a seat, can already and not remember that it was not empty-handed.

There is a theory that people lose things under the influence of the so-called mechanism of replacement. The person loses a subject intentionally, but unconsciously. Thereby it forces out from the vital field objects which strain it, with which unpleasant experiences are connected. If the girl constantly loses the driving license - perhaps that she subconsciously tries to relieve herself of need to drive the car. If the person not in time first already loses a wedding ring - perhaps, it simply does not need this marriage.

Absent-minded people are considered to be as lovely and amusing odd fellows. They often suffer from the absent-mindedness and forgetfulness. The rasteryasha reads the book and in passing does marginal notes. Phone calls. Rasteryasha rushes to the device, he is given important information which he writes down the marker sprained under a hand on the first piece of paper. Wants to return to the interrupted business, however cannot find either the book, or points, or a pencil in any way.

And when comes it is time to use information which phoned to it, the rasteryasha cannot find that piece of paper. Eh, head my full of holes! - tells about himself a rasteryash. Even more he will be upset when he does not find in a pocket of a flat key or, having stopped at a post of traffic police, will find out that he left at home the rights.

The main thing - not to lose patience, self-control and sense of humour! And how to learn rasteryasha it is better to be guided in the world of things, it will be a question in the following article.