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Who presented us the fairy tale?

the Name of Walt Disney are familiar to all. Also its creations which presented pleasure to millions of kids and their parents are even more known. There is no legendary storyteller with us for a long time, but fruits of his works continue to live. And many people still believe that Walt still will return. Persistent rumors that he disposed to freeze himself after death safely to return to life when invent cancer medicine go to this day. But who such Walt Disney actually and what was his life?

The person who made happy so many children`s hearts lived very much and very hard life. He and had not to dream of the happy childhood. Poverty forced the boy since eight years hard to work. The family did not have enough money for pencils and paper, and Walt so wanted to draw. Therefore the first drawings were drawn with pitch on a wall of own house. All also began with it.

Despite the despot`s bans - the father, Walt enters the Chicago Institute of Arts. Before doing favorite thing, he had to experience many difficulties and deprivations. But also to start everything from scratch, practically without money, it was quite difficult. The brother Roy together with whom they opened shop in garage of own uncle helped. And then there was the first studio of Disney. Brothers began to create animation movies. Whether it was easy for two beginning children without excess penny in a pocket to compete with other animators when even for big studio the two-minute movie demanded months-long work?

But business did not stand still, there were all new and new movies, animation heroes with whom the whole world fell in love were born. The first-ever full-length animation became Snow White and seven gnomes . During war Disney`s studio released movies for soldiers. Then were Pinocchio Cinderella Sleeping Beauty Peter Pan Bemb many others and, of course, Mickey Mouse.

There were also quite strange pages in Walt Disney`s biography. Unless the fact that such person long time was an informer of FBI is not strange? Many years it regularly informed on the employees and even friends. Of what motives it was made? It is hard to say, versions exists much. But it is wide this fact became known only after Disney`s death. During lifetime nobody dared to soil faultless reputation symbol of America .

His marriage was an important event in Walt`s life also. Perhaps, he would never make it if not a wedding of the elder brother Roy. Before they lived together, and the bride of the brother conducted all their simple economy. And here after their moving Walt felt the full helplessness. Even to make a bed or to cook food for it was an unsoluble task.

At this time there was also a new pretty employee who became it the faithful wife and the good hostess. Also it is necessary to pay it tribute because family life of this woman was heavy. But the love and appeasable character helped to endure both a lack of money, and eternal absence of the husband, and his loud novels with stars. Even when they left somewhere in the evenings, the road early brought everything into studio where Walt till the morning plunged into work, and faithful Lily dozed nearby. But she never rowed, did not reproach with anything. The only thing that really disturbed her, it novel the husband with whisky.

So Disney lived, constantly worked, a set of times risked everything that he had, but every time won. The result - Walt Disney becomes an iconic figure of the American cinema and animation. But also it is not all achievements. Having become the millionaire, he constructed two grandiose the moon - park. On the area they can be compared to the whole cities, but it was not possible to get for everyone everything there-. Other amusement parks, carrying the attracting name Disneyland, were constructed worldwide already later.

Time goes, everything is forgotten. Probably, and the name of Walt Disney sometime will forever sink Into oblivion. But its fantastic world will live in our hearts for a long time and to please, reminding of the childhood.