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How to prepare fish surprisingly for all?

When the husband are a fisherman, and fish in the house every day, any more you do not know how her tax. my svekrovushka prepared for

on the scheduled formal dinner party fish in pots. All guests were delighted with such unusual combination of tastes. Try also you this Russian dish. Surprise and please fishermen with a variety.

This time on our table got burbots, but fish will approach any.

1. Fish on - Suzdal with buckwheat cereal

of 800 g of fish,

2/3 of a glass of buckwheat,

of 50 g of dried mushrooms,

4 the hard-boiled eggs,

2 bulbs,

4 tablespoons of sour cream,

4 tablespoons of oil,

of 30 g of cheese,

2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs,

salt to taste

Mushrooms to soak, boil and to cut small. Fish to cut

on pieces, to salt and fry on butter.

Separately to fry onions with mushrooms.

to Cook friable buckwheat cereal, to add chopped eggs and to mix.

Clay pots or a frying pan to oil, sprinkle with breadcrumbs.

to Put buckwheat cereal with eggs, onions with mushrooms, fish. to Fill in

with sour cream, to strew with grated cheese. to Bake

in an oven.

Abrupt buckwheat cereal

of 800 g of buckwheat,

of 200 g of butter,

salt to taste

Buckwheat to touch, sift. to Roast

on a pure dry frying pan on weak fire until red.

Then to pour grain into a pot or other thick-walled ware to a half of volume.

to Mix grain with butter, grain hot so far.

to Salt, pour in boiled water, having hardly covered with it grain.

to mix and put in a hot oven Again for 3 hours. That porridge did not burn

, to cover with a saucer or a plate in which to pour water and in process of its evaporation constantly to add.

Next time besides my svekrovushka indulged us with other fish dish, and again surprised with an unusual selection of products. The real man will precisely estimate your efforts.

2. A sterlet, stewed in white wine salt to taste

the Sterlet to scald

of 1 kg of fish,

of 400 g of dry

white wine of 50 g of the

1/2 butter of a lemon,

boiled water, to smooth out, wash.

to Put a sterlet in a pan and to pour dry white wine, so that it covered to the slave on 1/3.

to Add butter, salt, the lemon cut by circles.

to Cover and pripustit to readiness at a temperature of 85 - 90 degrees. to serve to

To fish horse-radish sauce.

can Also make sturgeon, a starred sturgeon, a pike perch, a trout.

Horse-radish sauce

of 100 g of horse-radish,

1/2 of a glass of water,

1/2 3 of % of vinegar,

1 of h spoon of sugar,

of 1 h. the spoon of

salt a horse-radish Root carefully to wash out, clear of a thin skin. to Grate, fill in

with hot water and to close a cover.

When horse-radish will cool down, to add vinegar, salt, sugar and to stir.

Bon appetit!

I a tummy is full, and the fisherman is proud.