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How to become the experienced user on Shkolazhizni. ru? Technical hints.

if it is not difficult for you, explain how to read comments to the article how to add them to someone else`s articles how to contact the editor as as well as as!... I will be grateful for the help, at least the kind word. Help

Of course, I will help you, than I will be able - my immediate response to call about the help was it. Having written the letter to this specific user, I remembered the secret marketing law of the Internet. It says: One person wrote the letter, and hundred others thought of the same, but did not write . This argument pushed me to giving the expanded answers to everything which are not set as in the form of article of technical character.

It appears, not all users of the website are well grounded technically and can experience banal difficulties. It is quite probable that Shkolazhizni`s project. ru can be your first experience of virtual communication. Here for those who did not accustom yet I want to offer small digression according to pages of the project. For a short time I will stay your guide. You allow? Then we will begin....

How to read comments to articles?

When you place the article on ShZh, automatically you subscribe for all comments which will appear. If you unsubscribed from them, then will not receive them. They have to come to a mailbox which should be specified in setting up the personal page. Press To Edit my " page; in the right top corner of the website. There, in the column e - mail enter the e-mail address.

After each article there is an inscription Comments to the article . Nearby figure. On it also press. You will be included in comments after article. As to the registered user, all comments will be visible to you. It is possible to visit the page of the pleasant user, to press on Comments . After loading the possibility of reading all comments of the chosen user with the indication of date of writing of the comment and the name of article will be presented to you.

How to add comments to articles?

If there was a desire to give the comment on any article, do the following. At the end of article press near the inscription Comments to the article on figure. You will get on the page of comments after article. If you want to comment on article, press right after article heading on the first word To Comment . If you want to respond to someone`s comment, then press on To Comment at once after the comment of this person. It is desirable even to address by name that the person precisely knew that the message concerns to him.

Happens so that after article there are no comments yet. Then after Author of the article there will be a reference To Add the comment to the article . Press. You will be the first commenting. In the opened window write the message. After that press below under a window on To Comment . In only a few seconds it is possible to see the refreshed page with your comment. The comments if necessary can be removed or edited (to correct).

How to make the recommendation to the pleasant user?

you Visit the personal page of the person chosen by you. Under a photo there is an inscription To Recommend the user . Press. Couple of seconds - and his name will appear in I recommend on your personal page. And your own name - in I am recommended on its page. The return action it is possible to remove the recommendation if for any reasons you changed the decision. I want to note that the recommendation is made not only as to the author, but also as to the user of the website. The person can write few articles, but comment much.

How to write the message to other user?

you Visit the personal page of the person chosen by you. Under a photo there is an inscription To Send the message . Press. On the opened page in a window write the text of the message. In the column Subject surely specify message heading. Press To Send . The message on the answer will come to your mailbox specified on the personal page. Follow the link to the website to read the full answer.

it is possible to contact administration of the website still so. Press Contact in the top menu of the website. In the opened window fill in all columns. Further - To Send .

How to add a blog entry?

If you had a question, the offer or you decided to share interesting information (but it is not article!) do the following. On the personal page find the " tab; Blog . Press. At once you will see the red inscription To Create the new message . To you here. In shape under the inscription New message you enter the necessary text. Everything is very similar to the previous point.

Difference is that this message will be seen by all users and will be able to give you feedback. It at once will appear in the tape Editorial board . Here it is possible to write heading, it is possible not to write. If you write, it will be highlighted in the red color that respectively will quickly draw attention of users. If it is necessary to put graphics to the text, press on Review . In the opened window select the prepared image (do not forget about the sizes: to 300 kb!) . Further - To Create . All. Your record is made. By means of the " buttons; To Remove and To Edit you can operate the blog.

How to subscribe for articles of other user?

you Visit the personal page of the pleasant user. In one line with a name and a surname in the right corner you will see an orange icon. Press. The window with the continuous text will open and still the window where you have to agree with a subscription to news will jump out. From this point you will be immediately notified on all novelties of the author elected by you. At connection to the Internet in the bottom right corner of the browser the window informing you on news will emerge. It incredibly easy to use and quickly to monitor creativity of the elected author.

How to keep article in bookmarks?

at the end of article under the " block; To Estimate this article press on the inscription To Add to the bookmarks . On your personal page the line " will appear; The Chosen articles in My bookmarks . Press on the reference and check - there has to be a kept article. In the same place in most above there will be a line To Allow to see my bookmarks to other users: yes - no . Choose necessary and press To Establish .

Here and our small technical review came to an end. With other functions which did not mention, I hope, you will cope independently. If you were not in FAQ yet, I strongly recommend to examine. And be never afraid to ask about the help! You already know where and as it becomes. Whether article was pleasant to you, I recognize by your comments. I believe in you! And everything at you will turn out!