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Mystical places of Moscow or Where in the capital it is possible to meet a ghost?

Not only England and Romania are considered as favourite habitats of evil spirit. Many Moscow houses and lanes are fanned by legends and beliefs too.

the Well-known region of Ostankino is known not only as one of the most harmful of - for electromagnetic radiations of a set of antennas but also as the place connected with evil spirit. The name Ostankino came from the word remains . It is known that several centuries ago this place was considered devilish, and exactly there was a cemetery for suicides and sorcerers. Since 1558 on future television lands the humpbacked old woman with a crutch appeared. It was to residents of the village Ostankino before their fast death. On a legend, it foretold to the emperor Paul I that he will not live up to spring. Its prophecy came true: the emperor was killed on the night of March 12, 1801 by Guards officers. The strange witch doctor told Alexander II that he will die by hand atheist (in 1881 Alexander II`s carriage was blown up by the revolutionary). Speak, the old woman - the prophet was to locals and before the fire on a television center.

statistically, today around Ostankino more often than in other districts of the capital crimes are committed.

the Big black cat, one of the most famous Moscow ghosts, often arises about the capital government - near the Museum of revolution. According to a belief, it appears here exactly at midnight, walks on Tverskaya Street then disappears in a gate. Existence of this ghost is even recorded in published in England World encyclopedia of ghosts along with the duke of York and Thomas Beckett wandering on a night Tower. The Moscow guides assure that the black cat was seen also by the former director of the Museum of cats Andrey Abramov: coming back in the night from work, he noticed a fancy translucent outline of a huge animal. And in the morning when it came to the museum, with horror found full defeat - the set of photos and figurines of his favourites by

other phantom Wanders about the center of the capital also. On Myasnitskaya Street 17 houses the small estate of spouses Kusovnikov once stood still. Prosperous old men were known for the boundless greed. Being the rich, they lived very modestly, did not receive guests, did not keep servants. The trip on an old cabriolet around the night capital was the only permissible hobby. It is curious that Kusovnikova always took a casket with savings with themselves, and once, gathering in a far manor, decided to hide it in yard cleaner`s lodge. During their absence about anything not suspecting servant made fire, and money burned down. From a cruel message of the spouse of Kusovnikov suddenly died, and the old man wanders about Myasnitskaya since then, plaintively whispering to people around: Oh, my money, money! .

the Intersection on Sukharevka is fanned by a legend too. In the 18th century there was Sukhareva here a tower in which there lived the most famous Moscow sorcerer - Yakov Bruce. With 60 - meter height the magician observed stars in a telescope and lead in gold melted. And many Muscovites allegedly saw how they from its windows took off at night iron birds with the human heads . Also Muscovites believed that Bruce had a secret book by means of which it was possible to find treasures, and he before death immured it in a tower wall. Decades later under Stalin`s decree the tower was sorted on a brick, but treasures were not. And the spirit of the magician will not calm down in any way, and in search of a tower often appears in gates of Sretenka...

have some far away, at the corner of Sretenka and Dayev Lane , on a wall of a corner house from time to time there is a crude spot which expands and becomes similar to a giant. Locals assure that the black shadow descends from a wall and goes to wander about old Moscow, frightening passersby. The report of two workers who at the beginning of 1920 - x years met the ghost and began to fire at it is still stored in KGB archives. But on Lubyanka nobody believed stories of security officers

Of course, everyone treats a question of existence of the other world in own way, however to you, dear readers we wish to to meet past ghosts never.