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What grief was concealed by Heraclitus`s tears?

of the Ancient Greek Heraclitus nicknamed the crying philosopher : he left the house and was upset to tears, seeing unreasonable acts of the contemporaries, badly living and badly dying .

The Crying philosopher was a native from tsarsko - a priestly sort in the city-state (policy) the Hilt located near Miletus - the homeland of many scientists and one of seven wise men Ancient Greece, the famous astronomer and the mathematician Thales who founded there the school. Unlike it Heraclitus did not open the training institutions - it justified social revolutions in Hellas and became the philosopher - the single, having refused the rights in favor of the brother.

After overthrow of the power of tsars many aristocrats moved to Persia, but the crying philosopher did not leave the policy lovely to heart and met in the homeland the fortieth anniversary (akme) on 69 - yu the Olympic Games (504 - 501. BC) . He did not look for wisdom in other countries as Thales, Pythagoras, Democritus and other antique philosophers, and itself tried to define how the Universe and life on Earth arose, having studied the treatise About the beginnings the founder of philosophical school in Miletus believing pervonachaly water, reasonable and divine . Heraclitus, having thought, decided that the beginning of all real is not water, but divine fire that space which arose from it by down it is not eternal and it is replaced periodically by up .

This fire, Heraclitus claimed, - not only the manpower but also reasonable: will capture everything and will judge all world court . Ancient people did not know that burning is a process of chemical reaction of oxidation with allocation of light and heat, however strange mobility of a flame and its variability convinced the philosopher of a divine origin: This space, uniform of everything, is not created by none of people, but it always was, is and will be eternally live fire, in a full measure flammable and in a full measure dying away .

Heraclitus decided that divine fire not only defines the universe, but also is inherent in the human soul which is one of its metamorphoses arising, evaporating from moisture, and than it is more in it than fire, it is better for those. He claimed in the compositions that the dry, fiery soul differs in the self-increasing divine reason, not less deep, than the reason ruling space: Going to soul limits, you will not find them even if you will pass all way .

The philosopher could not constrain pity tears, observing in the relations of fellow citizens of manifestation of cruelty, dishonesty and hypocrisy: Most of people does not understand what it faces. For god everything is fine, good and fair, and people accept one for fair, and another - for unfair .

He painfully felt that every minute brings closer it to the last line that time turns life into illusion that all people living near it are doomed to disappear in a black hole of a non-existence that all the time destroys and everything carries away. The Crying philosopher reflected all life over a secret of time and the termination of life: he suffered, seeing delusions of the people taking illusion for reality, who were afraid to realize the emergence from a black hole of a non-existence and hopelessness to return to it.

Heraclitus saw that his contemporaries live on the understanding, being in captivity of own interests and desires, betraying each other and deceiving in a pursuit of enrichment: People, as well as donkeys, prefer straw to gold, but happiness not in a body uslazhdeniye, and in reflections, in ability to work according to the nature . The Crying philosopher condemned the drunkards, people indulging without measure in pleasures said that their souls are especially damp that at wise citizens souls dry and the best .

Heraclitus saw the main law of the universe in conflict of opposites: fight - the parent of all and the tsar over everything fight of a vseobshch, and everything is born thanks to fight and as necessary . In this fight harmony is hidden, and it is stronger than obvious. Secret harmony, despite conflict of opposites, penetrates the universe, dissolving all evil.

The philosopher shed grief tears, having convinced that secrets of the Universe interest the few that the knowledge of wisdom is given not everyone though almost all people are by nature reasonable, talented, and they were granted creative inclinations of creation, judgment of reality, understanding of the role in it.

He wanted to illuminate the people of Ancient Greece, and he hurried to share the thoughts of unity of the world, of the pervonachal of the universe called by it ognelogosy . In grief the crying philosopher enlightenment in understanding of short duration of human life and a miracle of the fiery reason inaccessible to the majority, infinately deep, self-increasing was concealed. Logos literally means word and Heraclitus`s fire allocated with it is reasonable and bozhestvenen. Eleata (philosophers of school in Eley) did not accept Heraclitus`s doctrine, considering that his mind helplessly wanders that theses should be proved.

The Crying philosopher felt that it is not understood, and suffered from it: his speech was mysterious, full of metaphors, excerpts from myths. Socrates, having read his compositions, said: What I understood, excellently. I think that it is also what I did not understand . Heraclitus decided to retire and leave far away from badly living people. He constructed to himself a hut in mountains, lived in poverty and is lonely, finishing the prosaic compositions. Greatness of the nature caressed his suffering soul, distracting from gloomy thoughts, but he went to people again, saw their delusions, and, having convinced of ostensibility of life, did not sustain and rushed itself to a death chasm.

Other antique philosopher, Democritus, laughed at delusions of people, and his laughter prolonged to it life. He lived more than hundred years, according to the legend, blinded himself, appointed date of the death and this day left the world.

Many years passed since then, but tears the crying philosopher the concealing deep compassion, understanding that time and death turn life into the tragedy, remind through centuries to mankind: Life is rapid. Live without defect, people, without violence, carry by adequately gift divine, increase ognelogos space! .