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Why journalists flog a game?

Mankind are divided into two unequal parts: those who are afraid, and those who frighten.

Perhaps you quietly react to snakes, spiders, rats, the closed space, darkness, height and the angry chief... But even if you such courageous, admit: all the same you are afraid to lose something. Or somebody.

On fears in general it is very easy to speculate. Only - only Maryivanna will sigh quietly after the scheduled solar eclipse as again promise her a doomsday from - for thawing of glaciers of Antarctica. Except global warming, in the list of thrillers - the modified products, ozone gaps, Chernobyl, the entry of Ukraine into NATO, mad cow disease, bird flu... And here it I will ask to remain... on this page. For the time being. Because it, the awful H5N1 virus, was an occasion to this grumbling article.


Mass intimidation of the people davny - became long ago a driving force of business. In the Middle Ages traded in indulgences, today - bulletins.

Let`s remember together the most widespread and safe incentives of trade: " sugar Will rise in price; Is not present 93 anywhere - go " gasoline; Falls grivnya The Government will adjust meat price ... But it is a primitive... All information space is based on cultivation of human phobias! World-class global horror stories are thought out by serious people with education and even not with one. Intensity is forced professionally: Scientists sound alarm... Researchers from the Sucker - Spassky university proved... If to undertake nothing, there can be an accident... . And can not occur... And as it is pleasant to you Kur_nnya to a viklikata mozha zakhvoryuvannya on cancer ? In Russian it looks much more categorically: smoking damages health. Unambiguously, be not under a delusion. And that to a viklikata mozha, and mozha y n_...

Of course, the reader can be indignant: no, let`s understand and who all this - I will not be afraid of this word - information extends! Who constantly deceives trustful users of mass media? Yes I will not deny anything! Because really main carriers of rumors, gossips and slander - journalists. Do not feed with their bread and vodka do not give to drink, let`s think up only such heading from which at the reader goosebumps of the size of medical banks will spread on a back.

There are among them also specially trained clever men starting misinformation in the people to lift or lower a rating of any of politicians. In a pursuit of the fried facts these selling creatures will stipulate anyone. For money they will cross through a corpse of the mother, orange revolution, own (necessary to emphasize). I mean journalists. These washed-up liars constantly dishonor honest people, attributing them words which those did not tell. Women - to journalists in general cannot be trusted: they constantly distort the facts. Or from - that stupid, or purposely - because they were badly accepted and spoke compliments a little. The quirkiest of them wear pink jackets and ask silly questions to tired stars which behind infinite tours have no time even to drink a glass of wine. Journalists are men or just alcoholics, or unrecognized geniuses and therefore alcoholics. And press photographers! Those in general like to catch innocent celebrities behind quite natural occupations: a pochesyvaniye of intimate places, a kovyryaniye in a nose or an otmatyvaniye of toilet paper. All right still damned paparazzi would be grazed on beaches or spotted in baths! Unscrupulous raise at sacred: on meetings of BP! Strive to photograph a fight of deputies, naked knees of Yulia Tymoshenko... Oh, something I was chattered...

Yes, about bird flu. By and large all this a storm in a glass. Chicken plague is known from time immemorial. The same as a chumka at rabbits. Whether it is necessary to remind how peasants all life fought against this misfortune? Isolated patients from healthy, and dug in the dead and all. And here you will think, in Thailand sick chicken pecked the hostess and that died! Every year more people die of stings of dogs, than of bird flu for the last 8 years. We do not start destroying all dogs in the district if someone was bitten by a vagrant mad dog!

Doctors were tired to repeat: bird flu in itself cannot cause epidemic in people. It is not given from the person to the person. And still nobody died of chicken meat. And did not even ache! It to you not mad cow disease! There though meat really causes irreversible reactions. Struggling with mass psychosis, scientists brought together journalists on seminars more than once and kindly asked not to spread panic. It will be possible to speak about real danger in case the virus of bird flu, God forbid, is crossed to a virus of flu human and will begin to be transmitted vozdushno - a drop way, they said. Here from this strain it is possible to wait for a pandemic because people have on it no immunity, and the vaccine cannot be created in advance because it has to coincide with a virus as a puzzle. A virus - an infection multicomponent and what will turn out a combination when crossing nobody knows. But there is more to come. The pandemic mutant in general can not appear. Scientists cannot give any guarantees therefore just in case sound alarm.

All gave in to mass psychosis and practically without resistance. Business is business, and everyone does it in own way. While the advanced West with might and main sold a vaccine for poultry and trustful people, at us in Ukraine the President signed the Decree About urgent measures for the prevention of entering and distribution of high-pathogenic flu of a bird and minimization of consequences of a possible pandemic of flu . When measures were taken, on the peninsula of Crimea two infectious seagulls without the permission celebrated need to Sivash, and domestic ducks drank from the village Nekrasovka waters there and flew. Existence of the H5N1 virus was confirmed by laboratory researches. The order left to compensate losses. As the rumor claims, the locals who until then were not paying special attention to chicken plague quickly oriented and organized a mass case of poultry. Who was lucky, made 15 UAH for chicken, 24 UAH for a duck and 90 - for a turkey-cock. Who lacked money, ordered to hens to be silent and not to leave a shed, and made of those who tried to be indignant for the winter stewed meat. The factory bird was lucky less. It was burned down alive.

Over the country the circulars devoted to uncompromising struggle with bird flu dispersed. Were afraid of the coming spring and migration of migratory birds. It was offered to veterinary services, state lesookhotnichy farms (GLOKHAM) to carry out periodically shooting of a wild bird regarding researches. On one of such actions to me has the luck to be present. Generally I was surprised: why GLOKHU to invite mass media to participate in shooting? There were options: 1. For show. 2. Journalists thrust because the trip is financed by damned burzhuina within the program of support of fight against bird flu. 3. To dispel the panic which captured the city the day before.

And occurred here that. In one Ukrainian city of L. at the beginning of April the pigeon died. It lay on a central square, and around it the group of companions grieved. It was a pity for a birdie, of course. Especially as pigeons, apparently, die seldom. Or it lay somehow in a special way: having crossed paws in the form of the Latin letters HN. Gave a sign... Right there rumors spread, the Internet dappled with headings: V L. bird flu " arrived; The Disturbing signal in L. Bird flu gains steam The L - Skye area strengthens protection of borders from - for bird flu . Official sources declared that frontier guards will patrol border together with veterinarians for prevention of penetration of bird flu .

The alarm, fortunately, was false. Apparently, migratory birds, having seen frontier guards, were frightened and took a new direction. The chief veterinary inspector of the city on a press - conferences assured that any case of bird flu is not recorded. Besides, animals and birds who are delivered to the area are checked, in particular, obligatory check there pass circus animals and birds. In L - the ska does not have seats for migratory birds, however they are in areas where the corresponding supervision is conducted. In a planned order vaccination of pets and a bird " is carried out;. How it is pleasant to you? Especially abruptly about seats! It would seem, incident is exhausted. Right there were new headings reaching to the point of absurdity: Bird flu L - to a sk does not threaten - border on the " lock; Suspiciously dead pigeon found in L - a ska, had no bird flu .

And so, about shooting. The persons accompanying us: main BECAME DEAF also the veterinarian - at first quite seriously gave interview in front of chambers, told about instructions and circulars, and then in private conversation waved a hand: What there bird flu! Nevertheless, the order is the order. Three hours the minibus with journalists obediently jumped after egersky doggy on the dirt roads dividing ponds of fish farm. Looked for whom to hit. I will not lie that birds were not. Were, and very much. Seagulls flew, flocks ducks floated, here and there gray herons alone soared. We saw even a beautiful bird of prey - a sea eagle white-tailed. But nobody gave itself to kill. There was a wish to fire already just from the principle. To me right there suggested to shoot in the air. That did not philosophize. No, the huntsman too shot then. But never got. Time approached a lunch. All were hungry, to drink and use foul language. And it is necessary to write that-! To sow reasonable, kind eternal it is necessary! Like, everything took place! Killed, dismembered, made the analysis, the virus is not found. after that you are surprised to

I why journalists flog a game!