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How to prepare the first grader by September 1?

Till September 1 remain not much time - still slightly - slightly, and your kid will become a first grader, having entered a new era of the life. How to help little future pupil to be prepared for this life that the first week of September did not avert him from school and from study?

The first question which concerns all parents: what knowledge the child has to have, being admitted to school. The minimum considers knowledge of letters and figures necessary, ability to read simple syllables and disyllables ( mother is a minimum, small fish - aerobatics) to solve the elementary problems on addition - subtraction ( Mother baked five pies, you ate three how many you remained ), supporting the solution of these problems with action with sticks. And bigger it is not necessary!

Psychological and physical readiness for school is much more important than . It is necessary that the child wanted to go to school. And he has to realize that the school is not continuation of kindergarten. He has to want to study ! Therefore in conversations about the future it is important to emphasize educational factor: You learn a lot of new, will learn to read / consider / write quickly / precisely / beautifully!. So far on the question What will you do at school? the child answers: To Play with children - it is not ready to training!

What attentive parents can make to help the child to be prepared by academic year?

Play with it school. Let toys will go to study, will seat for the improvised school desks, and clever Buratino will become their teacher. In game you will be able to explain the basic school rules: how to sit at a school desk how to answer at a lesson how to ask for a toilet (it important!) what to do on change. For certain you are engaged in preparation for school - read, write, draw. So include this preparation in game about school. Fifteen-minute lessons will alternate with five-minute changes.

Time to allocate a workplace for occupations of your first grader came. It needs a personal desk with good lighting and a desk lamp. Also the place for textbooks and books is required. Let the child know that on a table there has to be an order, and only it is responsible for this order.

If for the summer your child went to the grandmother, for the dacha, at the sea, it will be better if in the middle of August he already comes back home. It is important to switch over to a school day regimen at least some days before the beginning of the present academic year. Lift the child when he gets up within a year, you feed him with a breakfast and go to walk to school. Study a route - it is important also for the child that he knew a way home, and for you. You will calculate, the road will borrow what is the time you. Besides, if you know that you will not be able to take away or take away your pupil, you will have an opportunity to rehearse independent circulation of your adult kid along a route the house - school. Surely pay attention to questions of behavior on the street, to traffic regulations!

Well to acquaint the child with his teacher . In the twentieth of August of the teacher - first graders usually already leave holidays. Then on the first of September your child will unmistakably distinguish the second mother from the sea of new faces.

Prepare clothes in which your kid will go to school. Let will be trained to put on - to undress independently. Especially it concerns footwear and a smenka. Begin to accustom to that the child prepared clothes and a portfolio since evening.

At PTA meeting you were already told for certain that needs to be bought by academic year - each school has requirements. Somewhere buy centrally, and parents only hand over money. Somewhere issue the list, and each family buys necessary for the first grader. I will provide only the general list of educational accessories which will be necessary for the first grader.

Portfolio or satchel;


Notebooks on 12 sheets, in a cage and in a narrow ruler - on 10 pieces;

Covers for notebooks;

Handles is blue, green - on 4 pieces;

Pencils is simple, soft - 5 pieces;

Colored pencils - 1 set of 12 flowers;

A sharpener for pencils - 2 pieces;

An eraser - 4 pieces;

The diary and a cover for it;

A calculating set (it is possible to make independently - several matchboxes stick together together in a row, the circles which are cut out from a color cardboard, triangles, squares etc. on 10 features keep within everyone);

A sketchbook - 2 pieces;

A water color - 1 set of 6 flowers;

Gouache - 1 set of 6 flowers, is obligatory with white and black;

A brush squirrel No. 4 - 2 pieces;

Scissors for children`s creativity (with the rounded-off ends);

Glue stick and PVA glue;

Color paper - 1 set;

A color cardboard - 1 set;

Book holder;

A support for handles and pencils (for a house desk);

Ruler straight line and triangle;


A notebook for records;

The folder for notebooks.

Teach the almost the first grader to put things in a portfolio, to open - to close it, and also - how to carry.

do not forget about physical activity . Perhaps, time to enter joint charging into your morning came. And for you it is useful, and at the child healthy habits for the rest of life will be developed! Walk together more. At the same time look for sports sections which your kid will be able to visit in academic year in the district. It should not be serious sports preparation - only means for rest and a discharge. It makes sense to visit doctors - the therapist and the stomatologist. Then on it there will be neither time, nor forces, nor desire.

And the most important - accustom the child to independence . Let he will make a breakfast to all family (at the same time you teach its recipes of the elementary dishes). And in the afternoon when you play in school, do not forget about homework which your playing pupil will carry out after an afternoon snack. Let it will be the elementary tasks, it seems to draw a lodge. It is important that it will do it independently, finding time and forces only for this task.

In the last days of August arrange a holiday. You descend with the child in a zoo, in theater, in park - note the beginning of new, school life, say goodbye to the kindergarten past. The last days before school have to give excellent start to new life. When there will pass the first euphoria from changes and labor everyday life will begin, for the child it is important not to lose enthusiasm, desire to study and go to school.