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Whether to liking to us standards?

celebrate the World day of standards on October 14. This day in 1946 in London in Institute of civil engineers conference of the national organizations for standardization opened. Foundation of the new International organization for standardization of ISO (International Standard Organization) became result of its work. Speak, the name was picked up so that to decipher the Greek isos - equal.

By the way, about Greece. On the website www. calend. ru is declared by the first figure of standardization companion Prokrust (for fun, of course). You remember, this a sadyuga enticed people to himself on a visit, then stacked on a bed and cut with that to whom it was short legs and to whom it was big, extended. The strangest in this history that Prokrust did not conform to the standard of the torment bed too. It became clear during experiment under the name Not ran into that carried out by the great hero Theseus.

The myth and reality always intertwine, and, probably, not without the bases some analysts consider an European standard as a prokrustovy bed for the Ukrainian goods. Yes, Ukraine is strenuously torn already several years to the European Union and brings the standards into accord with the European.

Business this slow and quite troublesome. We realize its need the left rational hemisphere of a brain, but emotional right stubborn does not agree and draws pictures in which grimaces of standardization are in all the beauty. All right, still the car of apples of the identical size or instead of eggs - yolks separately from proteins, but how to distinguish to taste pork from chicken meat if they equally smell of fish because animals were fed with standard compound feed?! And their identical kottedzhik! How here not to remember Voznesensky: In total from plastic, even sackcloths .

Here therefore our standards are born long, painfully and with terrible shouts. And as can be differently in the country where hate any there framework, laws and restrictions, and all non-standard is loved and in every possible way encouraged (let not with money, but an applause). Yes unless our non-standard person will be able to exchange the fresh, smelling of straw fat for a wet piece of a bochina in tight packing! No! It is lovelier to us directly from a dirty bag - yes on the tightened-up scales with the inscription Exact weight It at them in an eurogroin economical Germans - selectors grow up square tomatoes 66 and water-melons 5050 that them more in boxes was located Our generous heart loves that vegetables and fruit lay picturesque heaps, as a last resort, were under construction buckets

the Word to correspond too causes melancholy. In our country it is especially difficult to correspond to men. All impose requirements to them: the chief (the petty tyrant and the idler), subordinates (parasites and cheapskates), the wife (a log also got), the mistress (the bitch and the beggar) To them, men, it is just necessary to be witty, rich, generous, loveful and fragrant. They have to solve everything, not to admit anything and never to dismiss a snivel. Generally, to be men.

To women it is simpler. Men love them everyones: thin and thick, healthy and sick, beautiful and since morning not made up - sentencing at the same time if only the person good got . Yes, women have, of course, this notorious European standard 90 - 60 - 90 which by sight yet nothing (and that if on the TV), and to the touch - just a soup kit. Well, it I with envy.

Coming back to a holiday subject, I want to remind that in Gospotrebstandart`s system, except standardization, metrology and certification, there is still consumer protection. Work this extremely difficult, useful, responsible and often ungrateful. So let`s wish to workers of the domestic consumer standard of wellbeing and good health which is necessary for them to protect the trustful domestic consumer from the unfair international producer.