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How to grow up a dragon tree?

the Beauty the dragon tree came to our windows from tropics and subtropics of Africa and Asia, it grows on Madagascar and the Canary Islands. On appearance it is effective and picturesque, resembles a small palm tree superficially: a harmonous odrevesnevshy trunk and a magnificent shock of narrow long leaves on a top.

Long lantsetny leaves of a dragon tree most often green, but happen also motley and to longitudinal strips (white, yellow, pinkish). At young plants leaves cover all trunk. However in process of a growing the lower leaves turn yellow, die off, the trunk odrevesnevat and becomes bare. The dragon tree becomes similar to a majestic palm tree. In room conditions of a dragon tree blossom extremely seldom. Flowers are collected in bosoms of leaves in the form of brushes, dark-red, white or zelenovato - yellow.

Conditions of keeping. the Dragon tree - the unpretentious shade-enduring plant, perfectly grows even far from a window or on North side. Most resistant grades - with green leaves, they take out considerable shading. In the summer they can be held on the street, protecting from direct sunshine. And in the winter, in a dormant period, they are capable to grow in the room with a temperature not higher than 10 - 12 degrees.

And here these recommendations do not belong to poecilophyllous grades. These dragon trees prefer bright light, otherwise their leaves lose the original coloring and get monophonic green coloring. Air temperature for such grades should not fall lower than 18 degrees.

It is necessary to water a dragon tree in the winter seldom, but not to allow full drying of the soil. Plentiful watering in combination with very low temperature indoors is led in the winter to death by plants. At the wrong watering tips of leaves dry up. And brown edges of leaves signal about dryness of air. It is useful to spray periodically a plant boiled water from a spray.

With arrival of spring intensive growth begins, it is necessary to water more plentifully, to spray more often. In the veseena - the summer vegetative period two times a month are useful top dressing by liquid mineral fertilizers to dekorativnolistvenny plants. It is necessary to protect a dragon tree from direct sunshine and to regularly wipe its leaves from dust. And it is possible just once a week to arrange a warm shower which very well influences growth and development.

Change and reproduction . In process of growth the dragon tree is replaced in big wide pots with the nutritious soil made of the cespitose earth, humus and sand. If the dragon tree was too extended, it is possible to cut off at it a top and to implant in sand under a film. And on the rest of a stalk young escapes will appear. Reproduction of dragon trees and shanks of a neodrevesnevshy trunk in the presence on a shank at least of one peephole is possible. Shanks keep within damp sand and are covered with a film. It is possible to make multiple copies in such a way all the year round, but in the veseena - the summer period rooting happens quicker.

Exotic unpretentious dragon trees are very popular in decoration of apartments, offices, public places. Dragon trees also very harmoniously look in creation of a microlandscape. We strew a surface of the soil with coarse sand or small pebbles and we add to composition some small souvenir, for example a small bench with a lovely couple of little men. Well, than not Canary Islands?