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What conceals in itself the city of Grodno and whether it is worth visiting it?

of Grodno - one of the most ancient cities of Belarus. As in Europe - many grodnenets speak. Indeed, the ancient part of the city is skillfully combined with modern furniture. Here it is possible to see ancient constructions, to enjoy the remarkable nature, to pass across narrow small streets, to sit in small cafes, - to have a rest soul and a body, as they say.

The history Grodno contains more than 800 years. Gorodnya, Goroden, Goradna - names, as well as the city, changed eventually. At the time of Ancient Russia the city became very important bastion on North - the western boundary. The origin of the name of the city which arose from the word " also is connected with it; to fence .

If to pass on the stony road, considering ancient two - three-storyed lodges, then it is possible to leave to the Old Lock which has the long history too. From this lock located on the high hill initially there was a development of the city. The relief of the city is rather difficult therefore there is no certain system in planning of streets. Hills, ravines, floodplains of the rivers - how not to consider these features of a natural landscape? Architects, on the contrary, wanted to emphasize natural beauty and the ancient image of the city.

Today Old and New locks which settle down on the high hill are the museums which will please visitors with numerous and various exhibits.

Surprisingly, but in Grodno constructions of various eras and styles remained, and difficult history of the city is reflected in these constructions. Monuments of Old Russian architecture, a gothic style, the Renaissance, baroque remained: the remains of fortifications and towers, the Borisoglebsk church, the Bernardine church and the monastery, the Old lock, Jesuit and Franciscan monasteries with churches, Lutheran Lutheran church and other various sights.

Speaking about Grodno, it is necessary to mention about the Borisoglebsk or Kolozhsky church - a sample of Old Russian architecture of the second half of the 12th century. It is located on the steep river bank Neman from where the remarkable look opens. The church not completely remained: its arches and the head disappeared long ago, southern and part of the western wall collapsed to the river as a result of a landslide of 1853. And all - is surprising how so many centuries could stay such ancient building and keep shape almost invariable... Even now, being near this church, you feel force and mystical spirit of the past.

Yes, is what to see in the city of Grodno. And as for its modern furniture, and here the city does not lag behind others, and surely looks forward. There are more and more new residential districts, suburbs of the city are intensively built up. Do not forget also about reconstruction, Grodno is a so-called well of cultural heritage of our ancestors.

Let`s go, we will walk to Neman! - quite often it is possible to hear from grodnenets. The correct decision, just here, on the embankment, opens the most remarkable look in the city. Quietly, quietly, somewhere music, here in the distance plays and it is good to dream, and just to walk, listening to a rapid current of the capricious river. The city of Grodno is as if divided by Neman into two parts, from here and began to call it: Old and New city. You stand the naodny coast, you look afar and it seems that before you the big, modern city, with new buildings, vanity. And on the other hand - the quiet, quiet ancient town. Here is how interestingly two different worlds are combined with each other.

It is known that Grodno borders in the West on Poland, in the north - on Lithuania. Passes many through it the international tourist routes. It is often possible to hear the foreign speech, sitting in cafe or just passing by.

Many people often go behind purchases to Grodno. And all because here it is possible to buy things of high quality much cheaper, than in other outlets.

Seems that everything is here: both ancient monuments, and the beautiful nature, and it is possible to buy something good. And how with entertainments? And here Grodno at height! In the evening the most interesting just also begins. On streets there is a lot of youth. And how many beautiful girls! Besides the discos, bars and restaurants located in different parts of the Old and New city it is possible to join the cheerful dancing crowd directly on the bank of Neman - a disco under the open sky, as in old kind times. For fans of such discos and parties of Grodno offers entertainments by small motor ship where in river rolling it is possible to drown in the company of clockwork guys and beautiful girls.

Grodno - really amazing city. So why to travel to far-away countries if all the most interesting can be found at home!