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Whether you love pistachios as I love them?

the Idea to write about pistachio nuts came to my mind for a long time as I very much love them. I think, among us there is a lot of fans of this nut so I hope, article will be interesting to a wide range of readers.

The last researches of scientists proved that the handful of pistachio nuts in day helps to reduce the level of cholesterol and to lower pressure.

Scientists watched a diet of the people including in the diet pistachios within a month - they had a bite a handful - another of pistachios every day. The Result showed that addition of pistachios in a daily diet can protect heart without serious change of a diet - the leader of this research told.

This useful property of pistachio nuts is caused by the content of monononsaturated and polynonsaturated fats. Monononsaturated fats reduce a blood pressure, and polynonsaturated promote decrease in level of cholesterol.

Among nuts of a pistachio are considered the most useful as in them there are a lot of vitamins and such nutrients as tiamin, zinc, manganese, potassium, cellulose, phosphorus and magnesium.

Though pistachio nuts very nutritious, from them do not get fat. If to replace daily having a snack with a handful of pistachio nuts, your organism will receive the mass of useful substances, and you satisfy hunger without harm for a figure.

So what represents a pistachio nut? It is a fruit of a tree of family sumakhovy. In a wild type of a pistachio grow in Central Asia, the USA, Iran, Turkey and other Mediterranean countries where, also cultivars are generally grown up. Oblong light-green fruits - grains or nuts with a brownish peel and sweetish taste contain up to 60% of fat oil, 24% of proteins, mineral salts and other useful substances. The crop is reaped at the end of July - at the beginning of August. Not all pistachio boxes in which the kernel is concluded reveal when maturing at the same time, and many of them should be split before the use.

Pistachio nuts are widely used in cookery. In the raw or fried they are added to various meat stuffings, salads, sweets and ice cream. Salty pistachios perfectly approach drinks, and fresh, unsalted, use both in pastries, and in stuffings for second courses, and for desserts.

Pistachios are very rich with minerals and vitamins, they are low-calorie and therefore they represent fine snack. It is recommended to eat them at chronic fatigue, dysentery, a hypertension.

Despite all appeal and wonderful tastes of pistachio nuts, it is necessary to remember that their protein can be rather strong allergen and can cause allergic reactions in the form of skin rash, cough, sneezing, violation of digestion or even anaphylactic shock, especially in the children and adults subject to food intolerance.

If you have no tendency to such allergy, you can without any fears add pistachio nuts to the daily diet, they not only bring huge benefit to your organism, but also possess remarkable tastes!