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Where the neighbor in a school desk disappeared, or Than single school desks are good and bad?

are frequent with affection I remember the neighbor in a school desk and the first student`s table. It was the shabby school desk of an old sample. During the answer it was necessary to rise, raising hands a mobile plate on loops. I remember, loops quite often flew, and my grandfather came to school in the evening that to fasten them. Now in a question of school furniture the situation is differently...

Quietly with...

Let`s try to reproduce an image of the western school in the head. Based on numerous movies first of all the following things occur: presence at each pupil of a separate locker for things, the closed box for storage of sportswear and personal of a single school desk in an educational class. In the last years and in our country in questions of furniture equipment of schools pass from a collectivism to individualism, preferring single school desks to double. And in it there are certain advantages!

the First and main - during occupations the child is not distracted by the neighbor, he is provided only to the tasks and cares. Thus, the pupil focuses the attention on occupations more, and efficiency of training increases.

Modern single school desks have a possibility of adjustment under growth of each school student. It allows the educational place grow together with the pupil and to adjust table height to each child separately, warning scolioses and malfunction oporno - the motive device. Also modern single school desks have a possibility of the independent choice of a convenient tilt angle.

the Separate school desk is a personal workplace of the pupil which it should not share with anybody. The school desk is assigned to the specific person, and everyone should be responsible for its safety and purity independently. At children the responsibility for safety of school property is increased. And at some schools went further away - due to adjustment of height of a school desk the opportunity of use of a workplace is given to one owner for all 12 years of training!

At the school student sitting at a separate school desk, an opportunity to write off or receive the hint is minimized. Therefore the pupil in the course of study should count only on the forces. This moment can bring up more serious relation to study in children.

Single school desks more mobile and easy, them it is simpler to place in an office for carrying out quizes or round tables.

the problem " is Especially familiar; neighbor in a school desk to children - lefthanders who feel certain discomfort, dividing the neighbourhood with the child - the right-handed person. Children, as a rule, interfere with each other. A school desk on one seat - a good way out.


Term neighbor in a school desk it is so pleasant for our ear! I suggest to ponostalgirovat and remember the principle of school seating a little. In elementary grades of all transplant on growth, considering individual parental petitions and progress (lagging behind, as a rule, put closer to a board and near the excellent student). In the senior classes all sit down as to them will take in head, it is rather on sympathies . Apart from control - then many seek to sit down with botanists that it was possible to write off or at least voznadeyatsya to the aid. Here - that all shortcomings of a single school desk are also looked through.

In single seating the full separation from collective in training goes, the principle " works; everyone for . Such important things as mutual assistance, mutual aid, joint discussion, of course, remain, but come to other level. In elementary grades it is difficult to develop ability to share the territory and personal belongings with other children at the child.

Sharing the same desk with the person, you recognize him to communicate to it closer because you have more opportunity. Changing neighbors in a school desk and communicating with them, school students develop the communicative skills more actively. Remember the friends in the first class. For certain, the most dear and close friend is your neighbor in a school desk.

Unsociable children can become isolated even more and not fit more likely into collective, remain unnoticed.

Remember the companion on a school desk - throughout a lesson you were with it team, a creative tandem. Exactly here the first skills of the solution of joint tasks and problems, work elements in team were received.

Then that the school desk is not just a piece of furniture, and an integral part of educational process. And the quantity of seats can affect many factors. Therefore ideally - the reasonable combination of two approaches is the best of all. Then the child will be able to feel independent identity and to learn to feel as part of collective.

Study successful and convenient to you!