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How to prepare an effective festive dish? Vulcan Fudziyama.

Not enough time remained to a meeting of New year. It is traditionally family holiday. And so there is a wish to please relatives with something especially tasty and beautiful. About gifts and decoration of a New Year`s table we will talk in other articles. Today I will share one of the old ideas which are repeatedly checked. And not only on a New Year`s table. It to prepare a dish absolutely easily and in power even for the beginning hostess. It will be a question of a so-called Fire-spitting volcano or Vulcan Fudziyama. For certain you will meet a weight more of similar names. Sense one - effective giving of a dish.

We begin:

1 kg of potato is boiled and we do mashed potatoes. We will miss kilogram of chicken fillet via the meat grinder, we add onions and spices. We fry forcemeat.

the Hill spread on a baking sheet the fried forcemeat, then mashed potatoes, again forcemeat and again mashed potatoes. We give the form of a cone and we bake 40 minutes in the warmed oven.

Now in a form of a cone we draw mayonnaise lava streams, at top we establish a half of an egg shell (surely well wash out it and dry!) we pour alcohol. We set fire and put out the light. Guests observe how flows lava and the volcano " is thrown up;! Tremendous show!

Still option:

By the same principle, at feet a potato hill pieces of stewed meat give all the best. Each hostess has the recipe. It is possible to prepare, for example, so:

of 1,3 - 1,5 kg of beef or pork tenderloin, 2 polished garlic gloves, 0,5 teaspoons of cinnamon, 0,25 teaspoons of a carnation, salt, pepper, 9 teaspoons of olive oil, 4 bulbs cut by thin ringlets, 0,5 glasses of red wine, 6 teaspoons of tomato paste, 3 teaspoons of vinegar, greens.

the Sharp knife make an incision meat. Mix garlic, cinnamon, a carnation, salt, pepper, place mix of spices in cuts and put for an hour to the cool place. Warm oil in the pan suitable by the size from heat resisting material. Cut meat on portion pieces. Fry them from all directions. Take out from a pan. Put in a pan onions, an otpasseruyta. Put meat back. Add wines and such amount of water that liquid closed cutting almost completely. Part tomato paste, pour in a pan. Salt and pepper. Cover

and you extinguish 1,5 hours to readiness, periodically overturning. Meat has to be soft, melting in the mouth. And very beautiful

Further, volcano it is decorated as your boundless imagination prompts: let`s insert arrows of green onions - it will be trees, parsley leaves - bushes, from top to down, strips, will water ketchup - carefully, it is the hot melted lava.

On top of ours of Fudziyama the half of an egg shell in which alcohol is poured and it is set fire is established. Vulcan recovered, and his fire awakens in you children`s delight from the events! And there where there lives the smile, the Success, Prosperity and Lyubov by all means will come! Present that it is a volcano of your Dream and so far fire burns - make a wish! It is possible to muffle light..., but anyway the dish makes absolutely indescribable success!!

I think, the sense of giving of a dish is clear. Beautiful to you holidays!