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How to arrange the child in kindergarten and at the same time not to bribe?

It is time for my child in kindergarten. Means, time to prepare money for the manager`s bribe » came; - you think. Here not. This problem can be solved also without financial expenses.

Option 1 - y. we put Just been born kid for the second day on a waiting list in kindergarten. It suits for all and often works. But here, if you put the kid on a waiting list in half a year or even later, then can and to fly by . Then we use the second option. Option 2 - y . There is such category of citizens as exempts . You can be or not to be them, but to become. And who treats exempts? We read Standard provision on preschool educational institution (utv. the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 1, 1995 N 677) (with changes of February 14, 1997, on December 23, 2002) . According to this situation, in preschool educational institution first of all children are accepted:

1. the working lonely parents,

2. the studying mothers,

3. disabled people of I and II groups;

4. from large families;

5. being under guardianship;

6. parents (one of parents) of which are on military service;

7. unemployed;

8. displaced persons,

9. students.

As we see, options a set. Let`s dwell upon them and we will look what can be made if you do not approach under one of these categories.

the First point almost for certain disappears, you will specially not divorce the spouse. The third too, quite silly to cripple itself that took the child in a garden. To bring additional children there is no sense. And not all are immigrants.

But remain still ways, and all quite feasible.

For example who prevents you to arrive where - or to study? It is possible to study also on a correspondence department. In standard situation nothing is told about on what office mother has to study, also all is simple to study.

A who prevents one of parents to get a job on military service? Now to make it not so difficult and pay military now not bad.

A as about the unemployed? You leave the decree, and your place is already taken and you in an amicable way ask to leave. Here also use it, the way to a garden is opened for you.

By the way, there is one more way, a little known, but not less effective. Get a job in that kindergarten where you want to drive the child. Anyone. Now in kindergartens pay a little and very few people want to go to work there. And then your child with pleasure will be taken.

So, you found out that you are an exempt, or, having tried, became him. You address in a local CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION, and there refuse to you, motivating it with something it seems: the set of children is already finished, you did not use the privileges in time. Do not trust! So workers of local CITY BOARDS OF EDUCATION speak in order that to take away excess exempts and to attach children of the acquaintances. Count on prostachok, on ignorance by people of laws. A privilege on and a privilege, i.e. without turn you receive that it is necessary and where will show others fig . Therefore firmly hold the ground, show them listing Standard situation … .

If it does not help, go straight to Administration of the city, to department of work with the population. There you will be helped.

Good luck to you in this difficult, but the necessary business.