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What to think to a goldfish of? When I become the world dictator...

At first - favourite jokes. About a goldfish. And how formulation clearness is important.


one man Caught a goldfish. Well, as usual, release, - syo. What you want supposedly warm, I will execute.

the Man long did not think:

- I Want that all women alone with me at once undressed! there is no

- problems, - the small fish told, and turned it into a toilet bowl.

2. Now a small fish caught

young matrosik from the ship. Fished early in the morning, having lowered legs from a stern. A small fish again the that you wish etc.

- Yes is necessary nothing to me, - says matrosik. - And here now the boatswain will leave, you his desire and execute.

Leaves the boatswain, as always since morning angry, and shouts:

- Three stakes to me in a throat and an anchor to the back!

3. business was

A still, a certain lucky person even in 1914 somehow caught a small fish. Also ordered: I want to be rich, well-born that the palace that valets and that the car. The small fish only waved a fin, it - around watches the palace, it magnificent everything, and the valet enters. Also speaks to it:

- Mister archduke, the car in Sarajevo is ready.

Who understood the third joke, can consider himself as the intellectual. Who did not understand - too can, of course...

A meanwhile - that small fishes does not come across to us. But it is all the same possible to dream. For example, to pootvechat on an amusing questionnaire: what 10 cases you will make if you become the Lord of the World? Well I - that know


1. I will forbid the use of the words photo spirituality and shampusik (the list is specified)

2. I liquidate foolish pop screen versions of good books

3. Verna in the Russian spelling of a letter of Kommersant, yat and other

4. I order to plant a large number of a lilac, grapes and raspberry everywhere. Where does not grow, let scientists think

5. I will forbid to listen to a pop-music and the Russian chanson

6 in minibuses. I will carry out by all mentally healthy person interested the free Internet

7. I will strictly forbid the trousers opening a half of a bum

8. I will move to regions where there is no winter and vile insects, but there is a sea

9. I will lodge in a small, but cozy lodge with all conveniences

10. Naidoo to myself sensible replacement I will also leave dictators.

Here everything is extremely clear, except one: what lodge to choose. And the artist Dennis Levan can help with it . Because he writes these lodges - one another more perfectly. What I suggest all to be convinced of. And everything above-written is so, intellectual exercises for rest. Everyone can practice: to remember still jokes and to think up 10 points. It is very useful for self-knowledge. Well, pictures went to consider...

And who noticed one interesting feature of these pictures - that in general well done!