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How optimum to carry out a fasting day?

to Look tightened harmonous there is a wish to look always, but you are not ready to sitting on a rigid diet or to serious physical activities yet? Try to get rid of extra kilos by means of fasting days. It is tasty and will not force you to suffer from hunger torments. The most important not to perceive a fasting day as any punishment. You just eat a little differently, than usually, no more than that!

Exists two types of fasting days. Let`s call them full and hungry fasting days. Such division exists from - for the number of kilocalories which is used in this or that fasting day. At the first type of such days caloric content is slightly higher, and the used products heavier .

Full fasting days. Caloric content of such day is 700 - 1000 kcal.

Such type of disposal of unnecessary kilograms will suit those who only begin to grow thin. In a diet starving meat or fruit, and also fermented milk products joins. Such one-day diet gives fine sense of fulness, at the same time at you unnecessary kilograms disappear.

the Most important - to remember that such fasting days it is possible to carry out only two once a week. Also use a large amount of liquid, about 2 liters. It is better to use rather weak green tea or not carbonated mineral water.

Meat day Boil without salt 400 gr. low-fat meat (light meat of chicken, turkey, veal). To it - 800 gr. greens and vegetables. Distribute it for 4 - 5 portions. Eat only when there is a feeling of hunger. In breaks you use mineral water. For the night it is possible to drink a glass of kefir.

Cottage cheese day . Mix 400 grams of skim cheese with 800 grams of fruit (it is possible to use frozen in the winter). During the day it is necessary to eat it tvorozhno - fruit pleasure. It is possible even to afford a cup of black coffee in the morning.

Hungry fasting days. Caloric content of such day is 500 - 900 kcal. Difference hungry days is that it is possible to use any one product. It is possible to starve thus not more often than one day a week or after a nourishing feast. By the way, in essence, it not absolutely and hunger strike, is it is necessary very tasty things.

Apple day . In days it is possible to use 1. The 5th kilogram of apples in a fresh or baked look. If you decided to bake apples, then it is allowed to add to them a little honey and cinnamon.

Banana day . These fruit very of a kaloriyna, and the endorphins produced at the use of bananas, happiness hormones, will not allow you to suffer from understanding that you limit yourself in food. Divide for all day of 6 - 7 medium-sized bananas. As soon as there was a feeling of hunger - eat banana or two. For the night it is possible to drink are easy kefir.

Sour-milk day . What do you love? Kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt Take 1. 5th liter of your favourite drink. Only be convinced that its fat content is minimum. Not higher than 1. 5%. For feeling of bigger satiety it is better to drink kefir or yogurt small drafts.

Surely drink a lot of water or green tea (to two liters a day). It will help fat to be split quicker. In the first two cases if very much it wants to eat, - it is possible to dare to drink a little curdled milk or low-fat yogurt. Try not to take sweet carbonated drinks, instant coffee this day, all of them are very kaloriyna, and contain a set not necessary to you and your organism of toxins.

For you will not make big work to hold on the whole day on such easy diet. The most important - to believe in itself and know that you will be rewarded by a fine waist.

You carry out such fasting days of 1 - 2 time a week. Soon it will become a habit, and will not bring sincere sufferings.