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How it is correct to choose underwear?

Air laces or practical cotton? Stockings or tights? Bustier or corset? What do you prefer to carry and that all - will suit you?

1. Each woman in the clothes has to have at least one set of sexy lace lingerie. And even if you wear incomplete shorts and byustik, then purchase of lacy magnificence will give you a good charge of positive emotions and, undoubtedly, will raise your self-assessment.

Just imagine - you on appointment, and you know that under a dress on you a smart bra with pastes, stockings on garters, shorts - Tanga. And how you feel? Yes just as queen Savskaya, Cleopatra. Psychologists claim that if on the woman beautiful underwear, then her self-assessment raises several times.

2. The size matters. The linen has to be picked correctly up. Not all are able to do it. In shop the selling assistant will be able to recommend you the bra which is most corresponding to your type of a breast. But there are several general rules. If you the owner of a breast to the second size, then you can freely wear lace lingerie on thin shoulder straps. If your breast is more than third size, then the bra with soft cups, a wide strip of fabric under cups and wide dense shoulder-straps which will well support a breast is necessary for you and will not crash into a body. The invoice of fabric of a bra has to be more dense.

3. Is not present to traces from linen! Now on sale so various range what to find under a skirt or a blouse of the line of contours of linen, so to say, not absolutely beautifully and not erotically. Prefer shorts - Tanga or seamless linen.

4. Quality of linen is very important. It is better that your linen was from the natural or mixed fabrics. In hot weather synthetics will bring you more concern - skin can redden, begin an itch. Also bras on " are also unsafe; stones .

5. Look after the linen! Wash the clothes manually, or when washing in the car choose the " mode; careful washing or delicate washing . It is not necessary to wring out and dry linen in the machine - from it it gets out of a shape.

Councils for the choice of underwear depending on what you will put on from above.

1. The bra with removable shoulder straps is very convenient. It can be put on both under the closed clothes, and under a corset or asymmetric clothes with an open shoulder.

2. Under the fitting or tight trousers it is the best of all to put on thongs or Tanga. Lace lingerie in such cases is inappropriate.

3. The linen of bright flowers is not advised to carry under the translucent clothes or clothes of light shades.

4. Linen of corporal color - not only old-age " option;. Do not neglect such linen. Usually it looks and is practical, and is very sexual. Many designers of underwear use this color for creation of fine collections.

And still: all linen needs to be measured. How beautifully the set looked on a dummy, he has to sit perfectly on you.