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How not to get poisoned in the Country thousands of smiles.

First that occurs to the average Russian at the mention of cuisine of Thailand - it is hot sauces and the grasshoppers fried in sugar.

Both inquisitive Russians want to taste, but the natural instinct of self-preservation strikes a bargain. But besides grasshoppers in Thailand tremendous sea kitchen, magnificent fruit and unimaginably made meat. Is it worth trying live ants in sugar, fresh-caught oysters and disgustingly smelling durian?

Ethnic cuisine of Thailand. The country thousands of smiles incorporated national traditions of India and China, Malaysia and Indonesia, Laos and Burma. Therefore also the cuisine of Thailand is a mixture, apparently, of unjoinable tastes.

Thais invented such combinations of tastes salty and sour, sweet and bitter that foreigners just go crazy from the dishes offered them. With full confidence it is possible to claim that Thailand is the country of excellent cooks and hospitable owners. Here it is accepted to sit down to a table of 5 - 6 times a day. The lunch of the Thai is a rice, soup, roast, the Thai salad, vegetables on couple and surely fruit.

At the Thai restaurant there is a number of classical dishes which by all means will offer tourists:

volume yan kuna - spicy shrimps soup;

volume of a kh of hectare - soup on coconut milk with chicken, color at it unusual - nacreous so be not frightened;

som there - salad from a papaya with shrimps with oyster sauce;

laap nya - chopped beef. (This very rare and expensive dish. In Thailand there is no tradition of cultivation of cows therefore residents of this country practically do not eat beef, and milk and dairy products replaces with it coconut milk.)

Rice - an integral part of the Thai table, it the same that for us, Europeans, bread. If you own art of food sticks, then order white friable rice - khao suay (it is steamed). If this ability is not known to you, but there is a wish to try - at your service khao nieo - sticky rice (it is skatyvat in small lumps).

Surely think - whether will sustain your flavoring receptors and a stomach of a dish of sharp and spicy Thai cuisine. Is not present? Then you can ask to prepare the dishes ordered by you with the minimum addition of spices or in general without pepper. Also do not try to wash down spicy food with water - it is absolutely useless, simply order more rice. On Thailand there is no change of dishes as it is accepted in European cuisine. Everything that you will order, will be immediately delivered to you on a table. All dishes move warm or room temperature, and here from rice surely there has to be steam.

A table for dishes - a khantok - special, round, with the turning center. By the way, in Thailand there is no established order of the use of dishes so you can begin to eat though from a dessert though from soup, hospitable Thais will only be glad.

You are persons with inquisitive mind and a hardy stomach? Then Thais will surely suggest you to try national insects dishes. Live ants in sugar, fried grasshoppers, bamboo worms, scorpions, a locust takaten, water cockroaches Manda, grasshoppers, flour and silkworms, bugs - plavuna, etc. They are trained in hot fan or on a grill and offered directly on streets. Stalls with a similar culinary delicacy can be met continually. Thais eat them as chips, but here it is better for Europeans to refrain from a degustirovaniye of similar exotic on the street. The possibility of poisoning is big, there is no guarantee that they prepared clean hands and in sterile conditions.

There is a strong wish to try - order this food in cafe or restaurant. By the way, not really - that be fond of insects, they are very kaloriyna. 100 grams of dried insects contain from 37 to 60 grams of protein and from 4 to 33 grams of fat. For comparison, in 100 grams of beef - only 27, 4 grams of protein. In addition, insects contain so much calcium and phosphorus how many in duck eggs.

The cheapest insects dishes are grasshoppers and ants, the most expensive - the baked scorpion. It you will be given only at expensive restaurant, it is obligatory on thin flat cake, with easy sour sauce. In the north of Thailand eat also live insects, are especially loved live (they have to move!) ants in sauce or in sugar. There is a desire to hunt for food in a plate - please!

Insects not in your taste? Thai cuisine will offer you variety of seafood. Here you will precisely find something suitable for yourself. In coastal Thai towns there are night fish markets where sell fresh-caught fish, oysters, shrimps, trepangs and sea cucumbers. Here they are undressed and in small cafes suggested to be tried. You should not do it categorically! Even if to fish and oysters will offer you various sauces and spices and to claim that they destroy all microbes and bacteria.

Exotic exotic, and is the best of all to try fish and seafood at fish small restaurants. There oysters, mussels, squids, trepangs, shrimps and crabs float in huge aquariums or are laid out on ice, and you with pleasure will be able to choose them for preparation of the dish which was pleasant to you. Surely taste spicy fish salad and the boiled mackerel stuffed with fragrant herbs.

If you are ready for bigger - order salad from young escapes of a bamboo and frog legs (be not afraid, pads are not visible, but it is very tasty!) and the most known Thai spicy salad from an unripe papaya with crabs and a peanut.

Thailand - the country of tourism therefore every second Thai is engaged in this sphere. To feed the foreigner - favorable business. On streets of the cities at every turn there are peddlers with tasty goods, on beaches sellers with boiled shrimps, corn, fruit actively go. It is better not to buy, the risk is big to catch intestinal infection. If there is a strong wish for exotic - buy shrimps (cost the 100th baht for 10 pieces, the 40th baht - $1).

Drinking water it is necessary to use only bottled. Danger to catch intestinal infections is very big. Pay special attention also to the ice added to cocktails and drinks, it can be frozen from not filtered water so risk to catch an infection is very big. By the way, water in bottles is free of charge given in the majority of hotels. And in general the stomach and an organism from various infections in Russia are the best of all to insure, having done vaccination. And, of course, do not forget to wash hands!

What it is full on Thailand, so of some fruit, here where paradise abundance! The climate allows Thais to remove up to three harvests of fruit a year. All of them are grown up without fertilizers therefore are environmentally friendly and safe for health.

And with what in the Country thousands of smiles a crunch, so it with alcohol. Thais use beer more. And hard liquors consider incompatible with hot spices therefore they on a table pump ice water, ice tea or juice from a sugar cane - very specific on taste, but the refreshing drink - well extinguishes the after-dinner fire in a stomach.

If there was a wish for exotic - order snake " cocktail; mix of local whisky with blood of a snake. The snake will be beheaded at will at you. But is more careful - effect of reception rattling drink it is similar to easy drug intoxication. On Thailand the age bar of sale of alcohol is raised - more young 20 years will not give alcohol to persons.

Successful tasting!