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She is married to the foreigner. What your rights in foreign state?

the Foreigner in representation of the average Russian woman are a such prince on a white horse with a country house and money in addition.

But the fairy tale quickly vanishes, and neither the horse, nor money please, and the country house finally becomes your prison. It is statistics too. It does not give the Russian woman of an absolute guarantee to go in marriage to other country - that there it will be completely happy and no problems will concern it.

On the contrary, it turns out that exactly abroad the woman is vulnerablest in the rights. And if you already came to understanding that the prince was not the hero of your novel at all and you want to file for divorce, then very few people will think of your rights.

All the matter is that it is possible to obtain citizenship in the different countries not at once, and only after a year, and even five (everything depends on the country). Here also it turns out that you not the full citizen of your second homeland, and will not protect your rights and it is right - special you do not have that.

And how many women come up abroad against such situation when marriage where there are children, breaks up, the woman files for divorce and what? The father does not want to accept this situation (to leave children). The state will always be on the party of the citizen. Most likely, the court you will part, but will give children to the father. And it, and children - citizens of this state, and you - anybody.

You are divorced and can leave back, but nobody will give children to you! In many European states there are laws according to which it is strictly forbidden to take out minor citizens abroad.

To razvyodenny women it is expensive back, to the native land, is open at any time. But leave home together with the minor children born from foreigners they, as a rule, cannot. Laws of many European states not of a dayuttaky opportunity.

As if the relations were not hospitable, and the love as if was not strong, make secure in advance to avoid from now on similar situations. Spread straws that it was softer to fall how to be told in the known proverb, and then you will not become the hostage of laws of the foreign state.

1. Try to get married in the territory of the country where you will live with the spouse. It will give you the chance more successfully to assert the rights. Otherwise in a situation of divorce of the child can select, and it is simple - naprosto to send you from the country.

2. Having established a family, make every effort for obtaining citizenship of the foreign state. The quicker it will occur, the more surely you will feel. If business reaches divorce and court.

3. Issue the marriage contract. By the way, in the European states it is considered norm. In it paint all possible options of succession of events up to divorce. In the same place specify who and as will sponsor children after this event. It will be an important factor for the judge though the last word all the same always behind it.

4. Your child born in the country where his father has nationality automatically becomes the citizen of this country. But you can issue to it and the Russian nationality. However, there is one condition - it is possible to make it only at a consent to it of the father. So be engaged in it, you with the husband in good relations so far. But know, this fact will not influence court. Though in this case you can already file a lawsuit the Russian Federation, and he will assert the rights of the citizen of Russia.

5. In court of the foreign state if it does not agree to that the kid remained with you, you should give many sound arguments why you decided to return home together with the child. The more papers and various references - the better (you are the feeding mother, and the kid needs breast milk, in this country not suitable climate for your child, generally, it is necessary to proceed from a situation).

There is one big but . Under no circumstances the child you will not be given in France. There are precedents when even at the slightest suspicion that the parent - the foreigner can take away the child, it at once deprive of any rights. The same situation and in the Muslim countries where the kid anyway remains with the father.