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How to choose the correct sofa?

Whatever you may say, and a sofa are one of the most important details in life of any person. And to choose such that will brighten up your existence - not such and easy put as it could do and seem.

So, you came to shop, looked round, chose model that visually suits you. Sit down on a sofa, try to lie down. Of course, not with dirty boots directly on an upholstery, but nevertheless! Felt comfortably? Then call the manager and ask him questions.

1. Ask to move apart a sofa if it is folding. Conveniently, does not jam? Try to do it - and especially do not stand on ceremony with mechanisms, you should make this operation repeatedly.

2. Question of a framework. The framework of a sofa has to be surely made of well dried material. (By the way, at some factories this rule quite often falls and so that blots fabric of an upholstery and foam rubber). If not dried framework dries directly at your place, then the sofa scratch, is precisely provided to you.

3. Stuffing. At present at factories for stuffing of a sofa three types of a filler - foam rubber, polyurethane foam or the spring block are used. That it is better - there is no definite answer, but there is a number of aspects.

So, than is softer foam rubber, that it gives in to dyeing and destruction easier, and the cushions filled by a porolonovy crumb very quickly will become shapeless. The factories working according to high standards use an integral piece of foam rubber, surely supply covers with a lightning that the buyer could see itself stuffing, and also during operation is removed covering for cleaning or washing. Cushions surely has to settle down at a small angle to support sitting under knees and without allowing it to move down

4. Folding mechanism. Happens three types

- the book (the seat moves forward half and the back leans back),

- a folding bed (the mechanism which is displayed in a berth and is under a seat),

- sliding.

In principle, the majority of factories stuck to let out sofas - books as there are no high-quality mechanisms for them now. At the choice of a sofa - first of all find out folding beds what the main (sleeping) support of the folding mechanism is made of. The preference is given to a support from armor (these are the springing plates from an interline interval, it is the best of all, if their than about 12), and it is desirable that armor settled down across the berth. Further on degree of durability and quality the belt support and the metal gauze settle down.

Your sofa - the foreigner? Then know that import sofas are projected only with the purpose to place on it from time to time the guest, it not the full-fledged grease place.

Chose a sofa with the sliding mechanism? Then first of all check what boxes for linen are made of. It surely has to be plywood, but not the hardboard iit a chipboard. Be convinced of durability of the roller mechanism.

5. Sofa upholstery. There is several types

a Flock (fabric to the pile applied with an electrostatic napylitel). Also not easily soiled is well cleaned. A gobelin, shinill, Jacquard - it is fashionable, stylishly. But give in only to dry cleaning. Fabric with a teflon covering is ideal for a sofa - the spilled liquid just flows down, without leaving marks.