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How to become the Minion of fortune?

Interesting piece life. Recently here once again in practice felt that it minion of fortune .

I stay at home, I touch nobody, it is suddenly ringing from friends. So supposedly and so, the permit to Turkey vanishes, went with us, we will not take money. To a departure 34 hours.

As if you arrived? Would refuse, thanking effusively, with thoughts it is too good to be the truth I it am not worthy or then all life to feel in a debt, not - e - et ?

And I here instantly agreed. Without reflecting. Because I know: time to me it was offered, so I it am worthy; if I had good chance, then I it am worthy; if there are favorable circumstances which can use, then besides - I it am worthy.

I I will accept these godsends (lives, the Universe, the Principal Reason, God) with pleasure and gratitude. Also differs in it minion of fortune from rational, normal the individual who is brought up within centuries-old sovok traditions who instead of being grateful to life, will begin to chew thoughts of the " type; and suddenly there`s no such thing as a free lunch in what here a dirty trick? if it and is possible, then not for me and what people will think? etc.

you Recognize yourself? Yola - a pala how many it is possible?! Then will be enough to ache that life is unfair, you do it such! Learn to notice already chances, to use circumstances, to accept godsends.

The minion of fortune - therefore also the spoiled child that he has with destiny a mutual love! He likes to receive its gifts, it - to give them to him. Also gives just because it accepts them. Remember

whom you prefer to make happy with the gifts? Whether the one who with gratitude and pure in heart accepts them? But in any way not the one who regularly with the squeezeed-out mine refuses gifts though at it on a forehead it is written I want! . Truncated a counter?

The destiny is so humanoid that arrives in the same way. I should not trust, just check it.

How many times you did not use favorable opportunities, missed chance, refused someone`s gift, spoke to yourself it is impossible with anyone, only not with me ?

Will be enough already to be modest! Stop being content with small! Stop refusing everything to itself! Will be enough not to lean out and to be as all ! Stop being whipping the cat (regret the hands!) and to be engaged in an intellectual onanism, inspiring in itself as if nothing occurs!

Be honest with yourself. If you want something, then do not refuse to yourself pleasure to receive it.

I speak not about alcohol, drugs, an overeating or pathological shopping now, and about usual human desires.

Accept godsends, use chances, expect much more from life and do not wonder and whether I am worthy it? . Just know that you are worthy bigger, than you have. If you had a tremendous opportunity if to you something is offered if to you make a gift, so you it already deserved.

Do not wonder: And what to me for it will be? Or: And suddenly I should pay then with something? If there were such circumstances, so you in the past already something paid and, thereby, attracted a happy event in the life.

Therefore act without fear and reproach. Live so that it was not necessary to be distressed about the missed chances, unrealized opportunities and the half-received impressions then. Otherwise, on a fig in general to live?