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How to divorce and begin to live anew?

It only seem that as soon as you see a stamp: Divorce » Is registered; life will come to an end. Notice, your antecedents … Hateful or places quite good - whatever was, but in you the new decision therefore dare to take a step to uncertainty and to choose the new life already ripened!

Come to divorce differently: happens so that all from the very beginning repeat as if you - not couple each other, but you in revenge to relatives, friends, colleagues, the first comers and the second, just marry. (Understanding that first of all it is bad - to you, but not the family, covers suddenly as a tsunami). And happens, as at all: prosperity, habits, the settled life, and suddenly someone from you understands that any more not in forces to circle as the pony also in a flash tears all fetters and related communications.

The wise spouses who lived to crisis 3 - go, 7 - go, 9 - go years of family life, suit themselves some shake-up: give birth to children, are engaged in repair, buy the car, go to Tunisia or Cockerels - well, though something! If to drop everything - that something big will not occur in your life!

But when your life consists only of mutual recriminations, and all talk is reduced only to sharing of things - stop! Think: all of you still love this person? Perhaps, not it, but only the memoirs? You are ready and farther to see this hated grimace? Or you think that everything will be processed? First of all in the head rushes: It is the end! . In this respect Grigory Gorin has a good phrase: And when I fell to the bottom … - from below knocked!

Procedure of divorce (and also undressed children, cases and even friends!) to worry not easy. Every day from 7 to 15 couples one signature cross out everything that was created for years of joint life! And as here to everyone to look in eyes, to console, nod: a pier, keep, the friend, you will be surely happy!? Books on a subject: Whether there is life after divorce - it is a little. But, believe, it is not the end. And if to another the bride &ndash leaves; that is unknown who was lucky!

Even if there is no place to leave, and on you - the last shirt, step towards to the future. It`s all for the best! The most truly yours people, good books and holidays remain a row. Eventually, too nobody cancelled the help of professional psychologists! Andrey Makarevich is right: I needed to take the first step! The second and third will come first For this - let shy and inept, but only and learn to go: independently, without crutches, it is proud having raised the head.

Constantly not to twist unpleasant scenes in the head: you descend in circus, jump with a parachute, buy a short skirt or at all frivolous shorts to impropriety. (Though, certainly, there will be people who will look at you with sympathy and to speak at your presence quietly as if someone died). Over time you will begin to enjoy: and you will change a circle of contacts, a hairdress, work, the apartment &hellip at the same time; Someone even gets married again! Everything is possible! Actually, only you make the decision how to treat this event: to mourn not developed union or to begin to live anew. You choose that scenario which will suit you.

Of course, not easy to look for new housing and to consider the expenses, alone to watch movies and to cook food. Perhaps, even first you will have no place to put free time. Perhaps it will be sad … Or perhaps you at last will feel strong, easy and free? Also you will begin to surprise all (first of all!). You will afford what there was always a vague wish for, but it was shelved. Begin to dance a tap dance or to write stories, to create ikebanas or to study Chinese. Yes you never know still that it is possible to think up! Therefore a step to - to absolutely new person - it is worth making everything-! Designate doubts and sincere stagnation - just go forward!