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What we know about 812 - day drift of the vessel Georgy Sedov ?

on October 23, 1937, 70 years ago, " ice breaker; Georgy Sedov together with the vessels Sadko and Malygin it was clamped by ices in the Laptev Sea on 75 º 19` northern latitude and 132 º 25` east longitude. To expose literally, but it is not allegoric, these three vessels there was nobody - in the same Laptev Sea, but in Hugo - his western part, drift of several vessels led by the " ice breaker began; Lenin - these ships were taken out from Khatanga Bay. In a word, ice of the Arctic Ocean actually deprived the country of ice breakers for some time.

What means to be clamped in ices in such season, skilled seamen have an idea. The penetrating cold wind, temperature in several tens degrees below zero, white silence, and, above all - full feeling of hopelessness when the person of nothing not in forces to change. It is necessary only to relax and receive a high from what you managed to get into such situation.

The most surprising that the situation arose is absolutely unforeseen, unlike that that was predicted for himself by famous Fridtjof Nansen on the vessel Fram in forty two years prior to the described events. Then, in 1895, the Norwegian drifted specially to get acquainted with a situation, as they say, from within. What turned out at the Soviet seamen, even now nobody plainly can tell. Whether it was usual bungling and hope on perhaps to the last, whether objective combination of circumstances, but drift began on October 23.

Anyway, but as soon as the ships got to an ice trap, under this business the ideological base supposedly " right there was brought; Georgy Sedov and others look for legendary Earth of Sannikov. What the earth was? In 1811 Yakov Sannikov serving then at the merchant Lyakhov, saw from the northern coast of the island of Kotelny the high earth which he tried to approach on ice. But the way to it was blocked by a big ice-hole. According to Sannikov, to this earth it was necessary to pass practically nothing - no more than 25 kilometers. Since then mysterious Earth of Sannikov disturbed imagination of many polar travelers and researchers. By the way, also legendary Nansen tried to find it and only this way found nothing

during the drift Georgy Sedov crossed the region of estimated

of the earth twice: once from the West on the East, approximately on 78 - y parallels, and

at times with Hugo - the East on North - the West. But, alas and ah, the earth was a fruit of imagination of Yakov Sannikov if you want, a mirage. And that to prove it, 126 years and several scientific expeditions were required.

There are also two more important differences between dreyfa Frama and Georgy Sedov . The first - drift of Norwegians continued 1055 days, and the Soviet seamen - 812 days though Georgy Sedov stayed to the north 85 - y parallels two and a half times bigger, than Fram . And the second - if the researchers trained for scientific work in such difficult environment gathered on the Norwegian vessel, then among sedovets there were no scientists - professionals, only one crew member, somebody Buynitsky, was a student of Hydrographic institute Glavsevmorputi and trained himself for scientific activity. But if cooks can operate the state, then any sailor can replace with himself the scientist. It is an axiom of that era.

However, the scientific management of the vessel everything is was carried out. On a handheld transceiver. So the crew always approximately knew what from it is required. And considering undoubted talent of the captain Konstantin Sergeyevich Badigin, young and persistent (he for the beginning of drift was not 27 years old, and in 30 years he already became Hero of the Soviet Union), it was possible not to doubt: sedovets will make not only the fact that in their forces, but even to a nemnozhkobolsha.

When later half a year after the beginning of drift near the three of the got stuck ships planes began to land and to take out people on the coast, sedovets refused to leave the vessel. They were sure that - three months, in the middle of summer, to their vessel someone by all means will break through two, and their expedition on it will come to the end. But dreams were not fated to come true: when in the summer of 1938 " ice breaker; Yermak at last broke through to the drifting vessels and brought out of " ices; Sadko and Malygin it turned out that on Georgy Sedov during winter ice compression the wheel was damaged, and it could not go for Yermak even on a tow. What needed to be done? Only to turn the vessel into floating polar station.

So to scientific researches still work on repair of the vessel increased. And despite it during drift unique scientific material was built, valuable oceanographic, meteorological, geophysical and biological supervision are carried out.

The wheel was repaired, of course, but much later. And nearly two more winters stayed in ices. And only in January, 1940 in the conditions of the Arctic winter to To Georgy Sedov being in the Greenland Sea after drift through the passage between Spitsbergen and Greenland, the ice breaker broke through. As it was called, it is possible to guess from one note. It was, naturally, Joseph Stalin . On January 13, 1940 the ice breaker brought the got stuck fellow out of ices. And on January 29, 1940 the vessel arrived to Murmansk.

For heroism and courage all participants of drift were awarded ranks of Heroes of the Soviet Union, and the ship is awarded by the Order of Lenin. Till 1967 Georgy Sedov was in a system. In 1967 the new ice breaker with the same name - " became operational; Georgy Sedov .

And in general in destiny of this ship seven always played an important role. In - the first, it was put on building berths of shipbuilding plant in the Scottish Glasgow in 1907, in - the second, had length nearly 77 meters, in - the third, began the well-known drift in 1937, and at last, was written off in 1967.

It is necessary to add that it great-grandson Georgy Sedov a sample of 1967 this year notes the 30 - summer anniversary. And there is a strong wish to hope that its crew will serve not less adequately. At least same 60 years