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Who sits at a school desk - just the student? Or family man and parent?

the student has a lot of free time? Offsets, lectures, examinations, crammings And if it is necessary to learn matan, in parallel ironing a husband`s shirt, or to rise every morning a bit earlier to manage to take away before occupations the son in a day nursery, or after couples to hurry for work that though to support a little the family budget?

Often between such concepts, as student family man and parent it is possible to put an equal-sign. Student`s families differ from usual young families in the fact that such spouses should carry out bigger quantity of social roles and to combine more obligations.

Where to hurry? by

observes the general tendency across student`s Russia in the last decade: young people do not hurry to register the relations, inclining to a civil marriage, do not hurry to bring children also. Special rarity is the full student`s family today (when both spouses are students of internal office). Why students do not hurry to register the relations and why about 20 - 30 years ago the situation was absolutely in a different way?

In - the first, the students of our time looked younger a little, age line slipped down. Earlier the bigger number of young people got an education in the direction from production, after technical schools and workers` faculties, and guys - how served in army. As a rule, such people already had accurately formulated purposes and a certain life experience. That is, average age of first-year students made about 20 - 24 years, and present - 17 - 21.

In - the second, vital reference points of the younger generation changed a little. Of course, it is impossible to claim that at youth family values are absent at all. The family remains to one of the major vital purposes. However at student`s age in consciousness of present generation this purpose is removed for later and orientation to education, search of interesting work, self-affirmation moral and material, creation of career moves to the forefront.

In - the third, should not forget that today the public relation to cohabitation, or so-called to civil marriages became more than loyal. In the last time test by cohabitation becomes some kind of first stage of life of future family which directly precedes official registration of the union among youth.

And, at last, one more, perhaps, most important reason. From - for unstable a situation in the country our youth does not feel the soil under legs. 20 years ago the situation was a little differently. Students got a grant on which it is difficult, but it was possible to live. Any graduate on distribution was with guarantee provided with a workplace. And even the main for youth a problem of housing was at all times more - less solvable. Hostels, rooms and even apartments were provided to young specialists in separate turn by the employer (that is, the state). The present generation does not feel confidence in tomorrow and plans " in the beginning; to get on feet and already then to begin to think of a family.

This trouble - we will worry!

Those students, which contrary to all but nevertheless registered the marriage, face not only all ordinary problems of a young family, but also with specific student`s difficulties.


the Main share of the responsibility imposed by marriage is financially - material security of a young family. It is lucky those students who are supported by parents. However it is frequent to make ends meet, both spouses should combine work with study. Well, on that it and a family that to halve all sorrows and pleasures. For the solution of this problem it is enough to certify the operating schedule at the employer and to coordinate it with dean`s office and teachers.

the Housing

Often defining factor of registration of marriage is existence of own housing. The vast majority of students considers that the young family has to live separately with parents, and, as a result, there is a postponement of marriages until achievement of household wellbeing. But in many educational institutions the married couples which are in the registered marriage have an opportunity to receive the certain room in the hostel and at least for the period of training to solve housing problem.


Student`s families having children meet the most great difficulties in combination of study with the solution of household problems of a family. Of course, if both parents study, then here not to do without the help of the grandmother and the grandfather. Their help with leaving and education of children often is almost only opportunity allowing young parents to continue to study and work after the child`s birth.

Information one more separate problem I would mark out to with

I lack of knowledge of the possible real support provided to student`s families by educational institution and the city hall.

And in conclusion, addressing the public, I want to ask attention and understanding to even fragile and green, but young and purposeful student`s families. And that who combines family life with study to wish mutual understanding and respect.