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How to promote? Seven rules for advance!

Seven principles about which you learn below will surely facilitate your advance on an office ladder. Let`s start?!

The most important, at you has to be YOUR SINCERE DESIRE !

As always, the beginning of all beginnings - psychology. A spirit, self-confidence, in the forces, and sincere desire for achievement something concrete. In this case - advances on an office ladder. Only it has to be your , and sincere desire. That is, practically you just you do not think of yourself without that position to which you will aspire . As they say, or the sir, or was gone . The third is not given. Or I will achieve, or

Continuous professional growth.

In order that, it is necessary to be improved constantly in the professional plan. It is necessary to look for and gain independently new knowledge, to monitor positive experience, to analyze negative. It is not enough to hope for that knowledge that the company can give (now many companies plan in the budget of the sum for training). The constant, sincere desire to learn and use innovations, improvement of quality of work will only promote your growth. It is also important to watch competitors. Analysis of their activity (namely: skills, abilities, abilities) also allows to grow professionally.

Concentration on the main the purposes.

is Very frequent to be promoted in a career ladder, it is necessary to manage to be allocated with the progress, to achieve that your merits were estimated and recognized. For receiving such result it is necessary to put a lot of effort. And who told that career development - it is easy? Simply, but it is not so easy. However it does not mean that you should slave away, and especially does not say that it is necessary to become the pro in everything and to capture all spheres. Moreover, if you try to become irreplaceable the employee in firm, you can not notice at all how the mass of affairs, unnecessary FOR YOUR CAREER DEVELOPMENT, will fall down you, and will lead all this only to a physical and nervous breakdown from an overstrain and, of course, to unwillingness in general to try to obtain something.

The efforts need to be able to be concentrated! That is to cease to be sprayed and become valid the pro in some one direction. And it does not oblige you to adhere to this direction in the future sacredly. Moreover, most often after receiving a new position you will be able to notice new and not less interesting directions for personal and professional growth. It is very important to

to understand that considerable results which it is possible to achieve only achievement main objectives are important for advance on an office ladder. In order that efficiency of your activity was visible, it is necessary to be able to concentrate the efforts on achievement of ONE purpose and to reach it persistently.

Organization of time and activity. Most often can only be reached career development when working hours are most optimized. Self-organization allows to be trained effectively, and to plan activity purposefully.

Now many companies introduce possibilities of distant work, coming - the sliding schedule. On the one hand it gives a free hand to the careerist (there will always be additional opportunities for professional growth), with another - bring difficulties and difficulties. For example, if it is difficult to watch the discipline, so to be broken a schedule of work, and at this time it is possible to begin to be engaged at all not in in what it is necessary to be engaged at present.

Ability to finish begun. Moreover, to the person wishing advance on a career ladder it is necessary to remember that each business needs to be completed up to the end! That is to undertake each following only when previous is completely finished. If it is given you since the childhood (that is parents taught you not to pay attention to external irritants), then it is simply excellent if is not present, it can be reached, using various technicians. Of course, it is necessary to spend a lot of time (few years precisely) on training of such ability, to isolate from the variety of ideas, offers, occupations surrounding you, the MAIN. And what to begin to train the focus earlier, that bigger success, satisfaction from made it is possible to achieve. And it will affect not only professional activity, but also private life.

Ability to cope with stresses. It is the last and important factor. Ability to cope with stresses, with failures and mistakes. Of course, here it is necessary to understand that all of them equally will be. The main thing not to make two widespread a mistake:

1) to bring stresses home,

2) to care and cherish the problems (mistakes, failures).
we Will begin

with the second mistake . If there is a problem, it is necessary to learn to think of it in a key what to make that to solve it, or who can really help . Friends, the family and colleagues cannot complain all the time. It is obligatory to discuss difficulties with one purpose - to find the solution, and then it will be surely found. In my opinion, it is important: if council (recommendation) is, and someone gives the hint / shows the direction, it is necessary to begin to change a situation, that is to work, but not to look for the following council (recommendation). To understand whether correct there was council (or your own idea), it is possible only in process. But it also is invaluable experience!

Now we will return to the first mistake. Many, having been upset and having become angry, bring these negative emotions home that extremely is not recommended to be done!

In - the first because the house has to be associated with rest, but not with an opportunity splash out the next portion of a negative on loving and, the most important, favourite people who are not guilty of anything. In - the second, in such cases you will not be able just to have a rest at home.

What can be made? If you are angry - stay outdoors. Home it is possible to return for 15 minutes later, having passed a little on foot, for example, on any park in the city, or sitting on a bench, watching children, the nature. It allows to remove stress and, as a result, from irritation there will be no trace left also. If you are angered by

, home it is not necessary to go especially! The best way of a discharge - 10 - 15 minutes of active fight, but, of course, not with the person who became the reason of your rage. The best way - to use a punching bag. In that case negative energy dissipates and neutralized as a result of physical activity. It would be quite good to buy such pear home is, by the way, excellent alternative to beaten plates. Of course, it is not recommended to place this pear in bedrooms.

There is a strong wish to hope that these councils will help you to reach a desirable position. And your movement on a career ladder will give you joy, and surrounding - advantage. Believe in yourself, in the forces, and at you everything surely will turn out!