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What can be created from vodka and tomato juice? Bloody Mary! Welcome

, it is the most known cocktail - Bloody Mary . Perhaps, from - for the romantic name. Or perhaps from - for outstanding anti-hungover properties. Or perhaps and vice versa.

In any case, Ernst Hemingway wrote that when he after war brought the recipe of cocktail to Hong Kong, it played a role in disorder of the English colony not smaller, than all Japanese army.

In its structure there is no blood also in mention, but surely there is a tomato juice. He received the cruel name in honor of awfully unloved British of the queen Maria Tudor. Bloody Mary named at first her.

As it often happens to brilliant inventions, the secret of the birth of cocktail is shrouded in fog. Perhaps, hungover. According to the most widespread version it was thought up by the Parisian bartender Fernando Petio in 1920 - x years.

But French did not estimate drink. Probably, got used pokhmelyatsya wine. And here in New - York of the thirtieth years it had mad success. Probably from - that in years Prohibition tomato juice perfectly masked alcohol.

Personally I always trained Bloody Mary so: in the glass half filled with the added some salt tomato juice, accurately on a knife blade, poured still half a glass of vodka. Sometimes squeezed out from above a little lemon juice. Did not mix at all.

Saws, without coming off a glass. It turned out that at first drank vodka, and then had a snack tomato juice.

Generally, it is primitive. Foreign options of Bloody Mary it is much more difficult in a compounding, but it is simpler in production. Because their cocktail components carefully mix.

Agree that for creation multilayered or at least two-layer cocktail a certain dexterousness and that hands did not shiver is necessary.

All this is historically justified. Our options of cocktail were born in the Soviet era when they were held in high esteem clever fingers and various components of foreign cocktails could not be got not at any price.

Well where the Soviet person could get, say, live oysters or Worcester sauce? And without them Bloody Mary was considered as top of refinement and perversity.

Times changed. Now in our shops, especially in the large cities, it is possible to get everything or almost everything. Therefore I, though the patriot, advise to cook cocktails on the western compounding.

In - the first, the native two-layer way demands the high qualification reached by persistent trainings as a result of which not for long and to become an inveterate drunkard.

In - the second, the western cocktails are much more tasty at the expense of juicy additives and it is more useful, thanks to the vitamins which are contained in the same additives.

I provide recipes:

Option No. 1

4 tablespoons of the cooled vodka,

of 6 tablespoons of the cooled tomato juice,

Worcester sauce (slightly - slightly),


celery salt,

pepper (all to taste),

of Tabasco (if you want).

Several times properly stir up and pour in the cooled cocktail glasses.

The recipe is obviously taken from a foreign source, in it components which in days of my youth in shops were not are listed. At once there was a wish for Tabasco. To know still what is it. Wild all of us - the people.

Learned from competent people that Tabasco - staff in Mexico, and Tabasco - a small burning pepper, and do the Tabasco sauce of it. Still vinegar and salt are its part. And so, add the Tabasco sauce to cocktail.

Worcester sauce (Worcestershire sauce) - traditional English seasoning from molasses (black treacle), soy sauce, garlic, onions, anchovies (sprat). Worcester sauce and Tabasco are well combined with each other therefore are very often applied in couple.

Celery salt - mix of a ground root of a celery with salt. Possesses gentle aroma, it is vitamin-rich also potassium salts, stimulates appetite and, in confidence I will tell, the celery strengthens a potentiality.

Option No. 2

Vodka - 30 ml,

Tomato juice - 50 ml,

Salt - 1 pinch,

the Tabasco Sauce - 1 desh (1 desh = 1/6 teaspoon = 6 - 7 drops),

Worcester sauce - 2 desh or juice of a lemon - from 1/2 lemon,

Ice - 3 cubes,

Black pepper - to taste.

Shake up in a shaker vodka with tomato juice within 15 seconds, add salt, the Tabasco sauce and Worcester sauce or juice of a lemon. Filter drinks through a sieve in a glass - Collins (a tall glass with a capacity of 360 ml). Add ice and strew with black ground pepper.

Option No. 3

Vodka - 45 ml,

Tomato juice - 60 ml,

Lemon juice - 10 ml,

the Tabasco Sauce - a droplet,


Pepper - all to taste.

Carefully mix ingredients in the container with shredded ice and pour on glasses. Quite so cocktail will be made for you in the bar of any resort hotel of Europe or America though true professionals will add couple more of drops of Worcester sauce and a little burning Cayenne pepper to drink. In the best institutions it will be given also with mixer from a celery stalk - beautifully, conveniently also is what to have a snack, and, at the same time and to raise a potentiality.

And still. Be simpler. Hardly anyone - that from you will run to look for exotic sauces on shops, hardly anyone will measure milliliters. Try to mix different components by eye, to taste.

Good luck!