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Victim: how to protect the rights? Part 2

So, you want to bring guilty persons to trial, to indemnify the material and moral loss caused to you? Do not doubt - gather 02 or phone of the nearest police station. I recommend to gather phone of central control office - 02 (in some cities it can be other number, there is a transition to uniform dispatching service to phone 01 now). From the mobile phone it is possible to dial number 112.

The militia reacts more quickly to the calls which came to the central control office than to local police station as the main person on duty on the city will demand the report: what is made on a call. And the duty shift will not get off with oral phrases any more, it will be necessary to present collected material: the official report of the militiamen leaving on a call, your statement and an explanation, other documents. At conversation with the dispatcher try to give as much as possible information: who are you where you are what happened to you? If you saw criminals, report their signs to what party they went in what clothes are dressed what things, especially from among kidnapped persons at you, have at themselves? Whether they at themselves have the weapon and what? Do you have assumptions who are they and where went (sometimes similar data slip in conversation of villains among themselves, and you can sometimes recognize someone from them). The more significant data you report, the probability of detention of villains " is higher; without delay and return of your property (if it is stolen, of course). After that remain on the place and expect group on duty.

Try to write down data of eyewitnesses of a crime, number of cars in which there were witnesses, etc. If it is inconvenient to you to be on this place - tell the person on duty where you will be, differently group on duty, having arrived to the place and not having found you, can draw a conclusion on a false call, and precious time will be missed. Perhaps, the group on duty should be expected long enough, you not one victim, the group can be on other call. The group on duty, as a rule, includes the investigator, the district police officer, the operative, the expert, sometimes the cynologist. Sometimes expectation takes several hours, however, if on the scene there are any traces of crime (for example, blood, the weapon, traces of footwear or possible traces of hands on objects, sometimes criminals even manage to lose own passport on a crime scene), then it is better to protect the place before arrival of experts and to touch nothing. At burglary you should not enter the apartment, so far the cynologist and the expert will not check everything.

If from the moment of a crime there passed a little time and you have information on signs, ways of withdrawal of villains, the person on duty will send to you the PPS or traffic Police patrol car, also focuses crews of other cars and pedestrian patrols on signs. Someone from police officers it will be necessary to protect the place, and you by car will travel over the area for the purpose of an identification of villains.

If the villain caused to your health though the slightest harm - any bruise, the cone, a graze, etc., without the slightest fluctuation call in ambulance : the card of a call and the testimony of doctors will become subsequently one of the most important confirmations of your indications on existence of injuries as before examination your bruises can disappear. In this case expertize should be carried out according to medical documents and from where to them to undertake if you did not ask physicians for the help? As a rule, ambulance comes quicker than militia, but options are possible. If hospitalization is offered you - agree and you remember: qualification of a crime, severity of punishment of guilty persons and the amount of material compensation are in direct dependence on the term of your stay on hospitalization.

Extremely it is not recommended to postpone the appeal to militia and medical institution ( in practice of the author were cases when the victims postponed for later the address with the getting knife wound also bled profusely - but at home, but not in hospital ) even if you badly feel or you have no time. Otherwise, the probability of disclosure of a crime decreases in a geometrical progression, besides, you should answer unpleasant questions of the lawyer of the person under investigation: Why you did not address to militia at once? Perhaps the crime was also not, and you stipulate my client for the purpose of the subsequent extortion of money at it? . Traces of crime are lost over time, memoirs are used up from memory of eyewitnesses, and it becomes difficult to solve a crime. The trust to your indications will also weaken depending on address time as the investigator will surely doubt why you did not come to militia at once. But, of course, nobody will forbid you to file a petition in any time, convenient for you, except for common sense, certainly.

So far we will finish, and in the following article we will discuss an order of filing of application about a crime.