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For what an animal put monuments?

In an underground passage at an entrance on " metro station; Mendeleevskaya - on the place where the dog living there several years and sponsored by workers of the subway was killed it is planned to establish composition Sympathy . The monument is devoted to the humane attitude towards homeless animals and made on donations. Authors of the project, the sculptor Alexander Tsigal, the animalist Sergey Tsigal and architect Andrey Nalich, describe it so: This monument not to the hero, not famous writer, not athlete, and an ordinary mongrel, a stray dog who just like that, a knife, was killed by the woman. This monument - a protest against the heartless relation to the world surrounding us which is so fragile and defenseless . The mankind always floatingly belonged to the world of wildlife.

In 1474 in the Swiss city of Basel funny trial took place: the rooster who laid egg was accused of sorcery and together with egg is burned on a fire. At the time of the Middle Ages cases of condemnation of animals were not single. Under a sword of justice rats, pigs, boars and even, dogs got. Here and today dogs perish from hands of the person, and not only deranged. And still, the mankind concerned to animals more often with gratitude and love.

The greatest love, dogs deserved, of course. Yes it and, clear, the dog long since helps the person. One of monuments will be erected at insistance of the great Soviet physiologist academician I. P. Pavlov in 1935 and it is called Monument to an unknown dog . On a pedestal Pavlov`s words are written: The Dog, thanks to her old arrangement to the person, her ingenuity, patience and obedience, serves even with noticeable pleasure many years, and sometimes all life to the experimenter .

Other monument is established in Paris and has the specific addressee - it is delivered to a St. Bernard by nickname Barry which, as says the inscription rescued forty people from death. During rescue of the forty first - died . St. Bernards - large and strong dogs - carry out for a long time a role of mine rescuers. They say that a St. Bernard Barry dug out forty first rescued in the inaccessible gorge. But that, having been frightened, killed with a shot from the gun the savior. There is also it.

The mankind does not forget merits of the quadrupeds and feathery friends. In the yard Sankt - the St. Petersburg state university is costed by a monument to a cat, presented to the world great variety of paramount opening in physiology . In England and Germany monuments " are established; To the Last killed wolf . These are probably symbols of late repentance for unjustified destruction of a clever predator without which the nature became, one more poorly or maybe several types of wild fauna. On the island Rhodes in Greece there is a monument to deer. They are awarded such honor for the fact that in due time sharp hoofs exterminated all venomous snakes on the island. On Earth there are monuments to a frog whose pads were for many years electric devices of physicists. One of monuments to a frog is built at the Parisian university, in Sorbonne, in the nineteenth century. The second - will be erected in Tokyo medical students.

Many animals are awarded thanks of the person. But a monument to a sparrow who all and everywhere is considered as the small pilferer - it is surprising. However, such monument exists. It costs in the American city of Boston. It appears, this feathery slogger literally rescued Bostonians from hunger when on local fields caterpillars of an insect unprecedented hitherto appeared. They were such set that, appear, the earth moves. Here - that and sparrows also proved to be in all beauty. They in no time dealt shortly with wreckers and that rescued gardens and crops of bread. Here for it grateful Bostonians also delivered to a sparrow a monument. By the way, till 1860 in America there was no sparrow, they were delivered from England especially for fight against caterpillars. And modest birdies with honor coped with this mission and remained to live on the new place, helping people.

And already today in Great Britain the monument on which inscription says is open: It is devoted to all animals who served and died in the ranks of the British and allied forces. They had no other choice . The monument represents a horse, a dog and two mules loaded with various ammunition. On a fencing of a monument figures of elephants, camels, monkeys and bears are cut out. On a bas-relief not only animals, but also insects - glowworms are represented. They are awarded such honor for the invaluable help to the British military in the years of World War I. During position fights British in entrenchments read maps by the light of these insects.

The cost of a memorial exceeded 2 million dollars. His creator most fashionable the sculptor of Great Britain David Bekhaus, said in interview to BBC News that he could not remain indifferent to stories about carrier pigeons, 15 thousand of which died during wars of the last century, horses, only in World War I of which 8 million and the dogs rescuing wounded under the opponent`s fire died. I do not know whether you will call these animals heroes, but they made very important issue - the sculptor noticed. The veteran of the Iraqi war a spaniel Basseterre took part in the opening ceremony of a monument. Basseterre was awarded by a medal that it opened a guerrilla cell in the Iraqi city of Safvan. The dog found shelter of guerrillas and a cache with the weapon.

In conclusion, I want to notice that to remember and convey from generation in generation thanks to dumb animals - good deed. But it is worth to remember about live. Hourly, with us both in the mountain and in pleasure, our pets assume blows of our destiny. Let`s not forget about them today. Let`s indulge with a delicacy, we will warm during bad weather, we will please with the kind word. And dedication, fidelity, devotion warm lump will return to us a hundredfold.