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On what national signs of November it is possible to forecast the weather?

How to learn a weather forecast for concrete day or any period? Of course, today it is quite silly question. Both radio, and television, and even the Internet always provide us information of this sort (about periodic mistakes of weather forecasters we will not speak). And how when there were no civilization benefits yet, our far ancestors learned weather? This question is already much more interesting.

Earlier the people forecast the weather on special signs. Watching weather in a certain day, it is possible to foresee it on the future. However, directly not to predict degrees Celsius on these signs, but it will be possible to understand, for example, what winter: frosty, low-snow, etc. or to learn whether the spring will be early. There are also signs on the near future and the next few hours. For example, all known: swallows low over the earth fly - by a rain . These signs are not forgotten to this day, just very few people know them or seldom puts into practice.

Will accept not to list all and each season has them the. And as November begins , the most actual will be to consider some signs of this month and then to try to predict weather for future seasons.

On November 2 - Artemy. If the first snow laid down on the dry earth and till that time when trees completely dump leaves, - that will descend soon. Until the leaf from cherry trees falls down how many it dropped out snow, the winter will not come.

On November 4 - Kazan (Winter (autumn) Kazan.) . Winter on a threshold. To Kazan not winter, with Kazan - not fall. Prick on Kazan the sky will begin to cry, after a rain and the winter will come. Happens that on Kazan since morning a rain it is raining, and by the evening snowdrifts snow lies. If on Kazan day begins fog - to be rostepel. On Kazan clear day - to cold snaps.

On November 5 - Yaks. Snow grain or a hail foretell that in Matrenin day (on November 22) the winter will get on feet.

On November 8 - Dmitry Solunsky. If on November 8 cold and snow - spring late and cold, and if thaw - winter and spring warm. Kolya put Dmitriyev on snow, and Sacred (Easter) on snow, and Dmitriyev on a goal, and Sacred on that. A crimson dawn on Dmitry - by winds. If on Dmitry it is warm - to severe winter.

On November 13 - Zinoviy. the bullfinch Whistles - the winter will be soon.

On November 14 - Kuzma - Demyan. If Kuzma - Demyan chains the river, then Mikhaylo (on November 21) will unchain it. If on Kuzma carries roads dirt - do not wait for a frost till the December.

On November 19 - Pavel Ispovednik and Varlaam Hutynsky. If day is rich with snow, then the winter will be snow.

On November 21 - Mikhail Arkhangel (Mikhaylov day) . On Mikhaylov day most often thaw happens. On Mikhaylov put hoarfrost - wait for big snow and if fog - wait for thaw. On Mikhaylov day a clear weather - winter frosty.

On November 22 - Matrona Zimnyaya. If on Winter Matrona trees become covered with hoarfrost - to a frost, fog - to thaw will appear.

On November 23 - Erastus. If hoarfrost appears on trees, then to the poselena expected big snow. If day begins big fog, then wait for thaw.

On November 24 - Fedor - studit (Fedor Studeny) . From Studit the icy cold - is every day worse. If day of Fedor - a studita is warm, the winter will be warm if it is cold, the whole winter is cold. If on Fedor a rain or snow - to be to thaw before Introduction (on December 4). Clear day on Fedor - to cold snaps.

On November 25 - Ivan Milostivy. If on Ivan Milostivy a rain or snow - to be to thaw before Introduction (on December 4).

On November 26 - Guryan. If snow lies on Guryan, then to lie to it to a high water. It is a lot of snow on Guryan - by bumper-crop year.

On November 27 - Philip. If on Philip the cloudy sky or drops out snow - by rainy May.

On November 29 - Matvei. If in day of the apostle Matvei violent winds blow, then to be to blizzards and blizzards to Nikola Zimnego (on December 19). Cold Matvei - to severe winter.

On November 30 - Grigory. If on Grigory good weather - to good winter, bad weather - to bad winter.

From myself personally concerning these national signs I can tell the following: earlier sometimes I tried to notice weather - some signs come true, some are not present (possibly, climate change in comparison with time of emergence of signs affects). I consider that on this system it is possible to observe weather just for the sake of interest, and more - it is better to watch less exact, detailed weather forecast on TV.

Successful all of experiment in a role weather forecasters !