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Alphabet of a gift. How to present part of the soul?

Approach New Year`s holidays. So, and holiday turmoil with the choice of gifts, bustle on shops and an investment of money. Of course, after the spent efforts and the rustling pieces of paper we want cheers and the shining eyes with which on us the gifted person will look. And if it turns out on the contrary? And for us it is offensive, and to the person it is awkward.

Japanese say that the successful gift is a part of soul. And this is true. Let`s learn to make gifts with soul?

1. You bypass far off shops of souvenirs : these lovely statuetochka at best will join coarse ranks similar and will become covered with dust on the shelf. And your friend will not even remember that when in what occasion and the most important by whom to it it was presented. Of you it will look as attempt to otdaritsya. Such things usually choose as that who is badly known. You well know the friends and the family? Exception make unless more - less functional things as, for example, holders for books, moneyboxes, lamps - night lamps and so forth. And only if you are sure that the person really needs it or will be glad to a big moneybox in the form of an animal - a symbol of the coming year, but will not hide it on a mezzanine because it does not fit in anywhere.

2. Be not afraid of predictability . If you know that your girlfriend dreams of some certain handbag which quite on a pocket - buy you it. In any case, hit in an apple is guaranteed to you.

3. Do not choose too household things. In a New Year`s gift. Many parents buy to the children gifts which can be carried to the category of planned purchases safely: socks, pants and other things, necessary, but of little use as a gift. There is no pleasure from them. Advantage one. But also here the exception is possible: cheerful striped socks, bright scarf or expensive shower gel with a pleasant smell are quite another matter.

4. Choosing a gift, forget about yourself . Think only of that person to whom your gift intends. Otherwise you risk to turn New Year`s shopping into realization of own desires. Most visually it illustrates an episode from the movie Route 60 in which successful and succeeded daddy buys to the son red BMW, executing thus the youthful dreams. And the guy is much more glad to a set of brushes from the sister because he dreams of career of the artist. Just allow another to be another.

5. Remember: it is more - it is not better, it only is more . The pleasure from a gift does not increase in proportion to quantity of the money spent for it. In general, the monetary question concerning gifts is a subject of separate conversation.

6. Making a gift the hands, try to obtain best quality of which you are capable. And again mentally look back - whether the person will be glad to your homemade product? The most safe way to please it - to give it the personality part of a gift, for example, a calendar card with the photo, a disk with the most favourite songs.

7. If you cannot decide on a gift, by make a set of pleasant trifles , attribute each of which in the separate instruction the mission. Here business only in your imagination.

Remember, the main mission of a gift - pleasure! And yours - including.