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How to get rid of complexes?

many people suffer Presently from various complexes, beginning from uncertainty in own words or acts and finishing with an inferiority complex. Root of all this, strangely enough, fear. Fear to be mistaken, make something not as it would be desirable and to make of itself a laughing-stock.

The fear which is felt by the constraining and having complex people arises from - for the fact that they compare themselves to other people, from - for it there are doubts in the forces. Therefore in disposal of complexes it is important to realize that it is impossible to compare itself to others at all. Each person is unique. It is such what God created it. And God gave everyone identical opportunities. He deprived nobody. Another thing is that the person the fear masks the opportunities. The fear does not allow them to be shown. Remember, you have to feel freely in any situation where you were. Also be not afraid to be mistaken.

Be not afraid and do not worry. The fear and experiences often prevent to make the correct decisions. Besides, it influences your health. Also it is not positive at all. On the contrary, smile, laugh more often. Then fears and experiences will easily leave. Life is fine when you look at it with a smile and optimism. Both this healthy and correct attitude towards her. People mold to complexes when concentrate on them the attention. From what many people create to themselves complexes, can often be turned into the advantage, that highlight which will favourably distinguish them from the others. Besides, everything depends on the relation. The correct attitude towards, to the merits and demerits - pledge of life without complexes.

Begin to believe in yourself. Show confidence in the affairs and acts. For this purpose there is one very effective exercise. Take a sheet of paper and the handle. Also write those traits of character which you want to get. For example: I am a self-assured person I am not afraid to be mistaken I am free from the " complexes; I am not afraid of foreign opinion . Write them several times. And every day repeat this procedure. Also you can tell it aloud. Over time you will surely gain these qualities.

Know that you have to be pleasant first of all to yourself, but not other people. There is a lot of people and it will not be pleasant to all. Therefore you have to be based always on one, an example, true for you. It distinguishes the self-assured person from doubting the forces. Many people with confidence and without any complexes and regrets use foul language, steal and kill. As they are sure of themselves and the forces, respect them, indulge them and even follow an example of them those which are eager for the same confidence. The same people who know the correct principles often are afraid to give a vote, are afraid that they them will ridicule, are afraid of opinion of other people! And what`s the use from these principles if they tell them to nobody?

It is very important to be self-assured also the words, but it is not less important to tell truth and to live according to it. These qualities only together will make you rather happy person. You will be respected and that it is even better - you will be loved. And the love is a top of any relations. Your life will become very bright and interesting. And your example will be for the good to other people.