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What is for no-go area ?

to Look with half an eye at what grew hateful to others. For an hour it to appear where others spend years. Most to touch from what others fastidiously turn away. Probably, only one category of people who have a word " exists; zone causes delight - in students of faculty of law. In any case, we were sincerely glad, having learned that the campaign on a zone is necessary to us.

Our unusual excursion began with construction. Teacher, person severe, military, former maroon beret (though, they hardly are former), checked existence at us of passports and our appearance. The last especially concerned girls. We should visit a man`s zone, and excessive openness of clothes of students could cause undesirable reaction in convicts. However, all our girls with understanding treated a situation and looked as pupils of institution for young ladies. The teacher was satisfied. The last instructions before gate open: not to fail, not to talk to convicts, not to iron sentry dogs.

An entrance on a zone for us according to passports. The first that surprises - high thresholds through which it is necessary to cross, almost to get. At mass breakout about them will surely stumble and will arrange a crush.

The sentry on a tower does not doze. Sheep-dogs are torn from chains at the sight of freely moving strangers and do not cause at all desire to stroke them.

The first object of our excursion - a local chapel. We go a system, the zones accompanied with employees with the uncovered weapon. We are strained to a limit, though we try to joke. All the time it seems that now from - for a corner the maniac - the murderer with a mad look and oskalenny teeth will seem.

But here on our way appears the imperceptible man of years of sixty. It has sad tired eyes and the tired-out hands. Only on a dress code we understand that before us ZK.

You want to look at our chapel? - the man a low voice asks. - Well you pass, you pass. Here, built, by own efforts. We and have a father, from outside comes, holds services .

We all crowd squeeze into a small chapel. Guys take off caps. We look around and are silent, remembering manuals of the teacher. When silence becomes absolutely intolerable, we begin to leave. After us on a clean floor there are dirty traces. The man looks to us following the sad eyes. And only one our student, leaving, speaks to it Thanks .

We pass administration premises, we get acquainted with system of protection of a zone, we study shame board with photos of violators of the mode. On the road we meet one more ZK. And too not so terrible in appearance. He just received a parcel and now hurries back in a barrack, pressing to himself a package of caramel and cigarettes in bulk. We respectfully pass it and we come downstairs to the yard. The ladder is remarkable lack of steps - just metal sloping surface. On it you will not run. We go slowly, holding on to the banister.

We pass by the fenced court yard - the place where prisoners walk. One group just on walk. Now we see the real person ZK who was more meeting the standard expectations. To us the rappberry and cheers " following flies; Oho, replenishment was brought! . Only ZK squating at a fence are silent. We know that it designates, and we try to pass quicker by.

We are conducted in school. Ragged and quite sad building, but in general is not enough what different from a usual rural devyatiletka. Separately show a chemistry office - a subject of pride of teachers. It is equipped with the electric table of Mendeleyev with bulbs on each element. For what they are necessary, could not explain to us distinctly. The school for some reason is empty, only teachers sit on the places. And we go further.

In the dining room there is nothing remarkable too. Long lines of benches, tables with the turned yellow oilcloths. On a wall in a menu frame. The cook suggests to try something. We politely refuse - the smell from coppers already gave us all completeness of information. One wall of the dining room is painted with scenes from the Russian fairy tales and supplied with a sun blind. Explain to us that it is a local scene. Here there take place gala concerts, - one of our guides says to us. - For New year we arrange representations with Father Frost and the Snow Maiden " here;. We choose the Snow Maiden from among prisoners. Every time huge competition - our second escort adds. We carefully smile, not sure at all that it was the joke.

Further according to the plan visit of inhabited part of a zone. We enter a barrack and at once we begin to cough. Air insufferably stuffy, damp and smoked. Our escorts pass us forward and get up in the doorway of each room, without giving it to inhabitants to approach us. We look to rooms on the run, trying to breathe as seldom as possible. The picture oppresses: twenty people in a tiny closet, which only situation - multystoried plank beds, a small barred window under a ceiling and the stench reigning around. It is called the general conditions of keeping on a zone of a general regime . Further we are conducted in strict conditions .

Here you will not glance through a door any more. Instead of rooms - the locked chambers. We do not see what is created inside, we only hear the obvious revival on that side caused by our emergence. As prisoners learned about us, remains a riddle. It seems that smelled. Someone from girls everything is used spirits today.

of Entertainment for the sake of escorts bring us to the empty chamber and lock. Several minutes spent in bondage are enough to understand: joke this angry. Probably, the power of these walls does not allow us to belong to the events only as to a training event.

Excursion in working part of a zone comes to an end. We examine the workshops deprived of glasses in windows. Outside winter, and prisoners work in the uniform short fur coats. It is not economy on glasses, this lack of ventilation in workshops. If to glaze windows, workers will choke production wastes. But work for them not additional punishment, and it is rather an encouragement. Not working, so, not spending enough time on air, convicts already in half a year spent on a zone get tuberculosis.

We go beyond zone gate, receiving at the check point of the passport. And at everyone involuntarily escapes: Freedom! . Women at collection point for transfers disapprovingly askance at us, are whispered: What for a brothel was brought? . We do not take offense. These women can be understood. Unlike us, they came not from here - for curiosity.

The teacher builds us in a rank again: I hope, you learned the main lesson from our today`s excursion? We nod. And what? The Answer at all one: It is better not to get " here;.