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How to resolve a housing problem of a hamster? It is simple to buy

of the Hamster. It costs not much, and even in general for nothing acquaintances will give posterity of the pets. And here to pick up for a fluffy lump of happiness suitable housing - already a problem. Cages in the market or in pet-shop great variety. At an opportunity, you, of course, will choose the most beautiful, with a multi-colored labyrinth. Also you will long suffer, justifying the invested money. I will tell why.

The cage for a hamster needs to be chosen, being guided, first of all, by reasons of a practicality and convenience to you and to the small animal.

We will begin with the size. Multystoried cages save the place in your apartment, without constraining in hamster space. But it is inconvenient to run in them, and a hamster - the inhabitant of steppes, he loves long distances. Besides especially bright or young small animal can fall down from the top shelf a bottom and rasshibitsya. The hamster - not a cat, on paws does not land. Any falling for it can become deadly. Of course, over time the homa will get used to floors, but whether he will fall in love with the house, inconvenient for its nature, - still a question.

In the afternoon hamsters sleep, but can creep out of a lodge to eat, drink or descend in a toilet. And all these processes take place at them in a dozing state. It gives pleasure to you to go at night through all apartment to a toilet? Here and to them too.

If all of you bought a multystoried cage, remove the lower lattice from the pallet that in case of falling the hamster landed on a soft filler, but not on iron rods. And too it is better to lay trellised shelves plastic that at a hamster paws did not fail. Thin sheets - supports for hot are very convenient, they can be cut out in a form of a shelf and to interweave into rods. It is the best of all to fix ladders between floors by a wire, only surely having bent its sharp ends. During a vigil hamsters often drop ladders and then cannot come back home or get down from the shelf.

It is necessary to pay attention to quality of metal of which rods are made. If it too soft, that is probability that his hamster peregryzyot will also leave to walk. Or will squeeze between rods. Weaving frequency matters too. Do not buy incidentally a cage for guinea pigs. They are, as a rule, convenient in a form and are made of good metal. But the gap between rods is too big, the hamster will pass in them as at a door.

By the way about doors. If a cage multystoried, them there have to be at least two. It is ideal if both of your hands enter an open door. The hamster needs to be got only two hands: you set up one and wait until climb on it, cover with the second a small animal from above. If the door opens up, on it there has to be a hook. It is simple to lift a lattice to a hamster quite on forces.

Further we watch a bottom. Perhaps, will seem to you that the sliding pallet is very convenient. Anything similar. To pull out and wash only it - not option, all pallets are too small to fill a filler only in sliding part. You all the same should unfasten a bottom completely. So it is better to look for integral at once. And it is easier to wash it - the less corners, the less dirt on them gathers. And still sliding pallets often leak.

Color of a cage is not basic. Of course, ideal option - unpainted rods from a stainless steel. Many hamsters gnaw a lattice and to feed them with paint to anything. But if nevertheless you want painted - white looks most elegantly.

Pay attention to fastening of a bottom to a lattice. It have to be rather reliable that you could lift a cage for the handle.

Well and, at last, we will talk about frills. Why most often that, from - for what we choose a cage, it appears our headache?

Labyrinths. They are beautiful, they can be collected differently as the designer, they imitate tunnels which rodents build in the nature, and are pleasant to hamsters. Yes, hamsters live in tunnels at liberty. And with pleasure will lodge in your labyrinth, having at all forgotten about all other cage. So, in a labyrinth they will suit the storeroom and a toilet. Present a smell from a plastic pipe with small air vents? And still the labyrinth should be sorted and washed regularly the brush. And you will not be able just to get a hamster if he does not want to leave. You need such headache? Better just buy a cozy lodge for a homa, fill it soft napkins and put in a cage. All will be happy.

As you can see, the housing problem for a hamster is very serious. And it is hard to find an ideal cage. But it is worth trying, the good cage will relieve you of excess efforts, and for a hamster will become the convenient house for the rest of life!