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Whether it is possible to overcome the fears?

Since the childhood I was afraid of any rodents, bats, insects, frogs etc., it is easier to tell what I was not afraid of.

I remember, we leave with parents on fishing with spending the night, I am closed in the car, windows everything are corked, I turn on the music and I sit there till the morning. Is called enjoyed nature.

I here grew I, and my fears together with me.

Whether it is worth saying that my husband adores night fishings, departures with tent. But, not to spoil the nervous system, however, as well as I wash, we deleted such extreme rest from our list (thanks to my husband for understanding).

this year, so turned out, I carried out practically all summer at the dacha. And it is natural, all the time outdoors: in the wood on mushrooms, berries to pick. So my fight with " began; phobias .

In the wood of various insects and toads probably - is invisible! But as we were the whole company, it was necessary to leave the fears at itself (I will not shout all the time).

I that you think, everything appeared not so terribly. If completely to merge with the nature, to enjoy its beauty and wealth, then you see everything absolutely in other color. my first stage in fight against fears was


The second stage was much more terrible. It when we with the husband arrived to his brother on the dacha began. There I fully experienced that it is a lot of flying, the creeping, gnawing and any other creatures.

At first butterflies, the menacing sizes, with long unclear appointment as trunks, similar to monsters of horror films. Then impudent toads who dropped into the house and were afraid of nobody.

But the most terrible began at night. We slept in the room on the second floor (the house three-storyed). As soon as I began to doze, the terrible footfall (on elephants probably) which is smoothly passing to walls and blinds from above was heard. From these awful sounds at me hair (on hands) became on end. All night long I carried out under a blanket with the head (temperature in the room was about +27 degrees).

When in the morning all woke up, I began to tell about the sleepless night. On what the husband`s brother quietly told: So same mice . Better he would not tell it, we should spend at them one more night. I went to such victims only for the love of husband`s relatives.

generally, was necessary to persuade to me itself that it is only mice. They are small, they are afraid of me. And, strangely enough, this night I strong fell asleep. Having woken up in the morning, I found out that I am living also nothing terrible occurred.

The third stage of my fight with phobias was for me in general surprise (did not expect it from herself). Arrived to the dacha the uncle and the aunt of my husband. And with themselves brought, besides the cats, the Rat - Larisku. My first impression, of course, was not really pleasant as rats I especially loved . But curiosity above all. At first I considered this Larisku. I noticed for nothing good there. An ordinary rat, with awfully long pink tail and absolutely disgusting paws. In ten minutes of supervision I was forced to stroke this animal. And then I showed desire to take it on hands. As I made it, I do not remember. But, having felt as her heart fights and what heat proceeds from her body, I like such tenderness to this being Not to express it in words.

generally, all evening of Larisk lived off me under hair. Now we with it friends.

Here such rough I had a summer! Emotions the sea, everything not to express in words! Work as

on yourself and get rid of the fears! You it are worthy!