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Why you want a chocolate, and to the child - chalk?

What it means - the child begins to eat chalk or to lick the whitewashed walls? Correctly, is not enough for the child of calcium . This element is necessary to the growing organism for bones and teeth. Shortage of this element can result in their fragility. Means, it is time to begin to overfeed intensively the child cottage cheese and a small fish.

And if all the time and pulls you on salty (to eat a jar of cucumbers and to have a snack on a seledochka), but in the next nine months you definitely do not wait for the visit of storks? What does it mean?

Perhaps, to your organism is not enough of potassium (not to confuse to calcium). The lack of this element can cause weakness in muscles, nervousness and irritability. To fill up your reserve of potassium in an organism, attack potatoes, buckwheat, and also dried apricots, raisin, nuts and bananas.

And if to you even in a dream chocolate bars seem and in shop you became the wholesale buyer of all chocolate range - perhaps, you have a shortage of magnesium . The lack of this element can lead to sleeplessness, headaches, bad mood, weakness, the lowered working capacity, and also threatens with arrhythmia.

Women a chocolate want often during monthly. Do not refuse to yourself this pleasure! So, if in shop there is no chocolate left any more, go to the market and we buy the products rich with magnesium and more useful there, than chocolate is a corn, wheat bran, the priest - Korn, a peanut, almonds and porridge.

Recently you noticed that you began to eat a lot of meat, and your pet by nickname the Ball dogs you steps and looks hungry eyes with entreaty in a look? Perhaps, in your organism an acute shortage of iron . As iron is closely connected with hemoglobin, and, therefore, and with blood delivery to fabrics of your organism, you can have a weakness, drowsiness, deterioration in sight (darkening in eyes), absent-mindedness, and long shortage of iron can lead to anemia. That nothing bad happened, we begin to eat diligent apples, a persimmon, oat and buckwheat porridges.

If recently you eat so many caramels and any sweets that already your children tell you about harm of sweet for teeth, but not you it, perhaps, is not enough for you of chrome . This element is necessary to your organism for good mood. Give better again we will remember teeth, a figure... also we will go marketing to look for replacement to caramels. This element contains in black bread, cheese, an egg yolk, the sprouted wheat grains, and also in the crude grain.

If lately you ate cheese more, than all mouse population of our planet, combined, for all history of existence of Earth, and meanwhile the whole world became not such fine any more and good as earlier, and in general life not really was successful, perhaps, it is all about happiness hormone. The matter is that cheese contains of amino acid which are necessary for our organism for production of this hormone. That life became fine again again and blossomed in the violent color, we begin to eat bananas, it is a lot of bananas.

If for quite some time now pulled you on kislenky, and the limonchik to you is more sweet than sugar, and grapefruit more tasty than a cake, perhaps, is not enough for your organism of vitamin C . Now day without fresh fruit and vegetables!

Listen to yourself whether pulls you for quite some time now to some product especially strongly? Observe yourself - whether there were no changes in your behavior and health lately? Your organism through appetite will prompt to you that now very much is not enough for it that now is especially necessary for it. You, probably, noticed that when you are joyful, you want one products when in anger - absolutely others, just irresistible desire to eat something certain sometimes attacks. Having eaten that you wanted, you experience pleasure inflow.

Let`s consult on our organism that also well was to it, and us. Care for yourself! You at one!