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Purity and Beauty! How it is correct to clear face skin?

the saying - " is known to All; Purity guarantee of health! . In this article I decided to tell about how it is correct to clear face skin that it not only was healthy, but also long time remained young and beautiful!

Earlier the solution of this problem seemed to all quite simple. It is valid what can be simpler, than washing by ordinary soap. But actually everything is much more difficult as this way suits not everyone. At clarification of skin it is necessary to consider many specific features. For example, skin type, tendency to a peeling or emergence of heat-spots, sensitivity of skin and its age. So, give one after another:

Washing to

This daily procedure is familiar to everyone. But whether correctly you wash? Most often water from - under the crane has big rigidity and dries skin. Some cosmetologists suggest to use mineral water or to wash boiled water. It is not absolutely convenient, besides there is very good modern alternative - the clearing means with the components softening water.

At the choice of means for washing it is necessary to consider the type skin. Many, for example, consider that fat skin needs to be washed soap. It is not absolutely correct as soap strongly degreases skin, than makes active sebaceous glands even more. For daily washing it is the best of all to use the easy skins or gels corresponding to your type of skin.


Toning lotions not just finish process of removal of a make-up and clarification of skin, they tone up skin and restore its hydrolipidic balance. Modern means contain unique molecules - micelles which as if a sponge absorb in themselves the cosmetics and dirt which accumulated in a day on a skin surface. Such lotions can be considered as the full-fledged clearing means.

At the choice of lotion or tonic it is necessary to consider age. Young skin suits the tonics various refreshing, calming or softening, the mature or withering skin will suit the tonic with active components having lifting effect more.

It is important to know that it is not enough to wipe a face once. It is necessary to change a wadded disk until its surface does not remain snow-white.


the Purpose of this procedure is deep clarification and acceleration of updating of sections of skin. It is possible to apply various srubs and peelings to peeling. Thanks to the firm microparticles which are their part they not only relieve skin of the died-off scales, but also render effect of massage owing to what blood circulation amplifies and complexion improves.

It is important to remember that it is undesirable to apply srubs more often than once a week. In - the first, at too active and frequent peeling it is possible to injure gentle face skin. And in - the second, frequent peeling does skin lazy . With care it is necessary to use peelings also to those who possess sensitive face skin.

Masks the best are considered as

the clearing masks on the basis of white clay. They were advised still by the Arab doctors!

such masks were used Earlier only for problem and fat skin. Today in cosmetology the most various types of clays which properties are supplemented with the mass of medical ingredients are used. For each type of skin it is possible to pick up the mask suitable on the structure.

What else it is useful to know?

it is better for b to Clear skin not before going to bed and as soon as you came from the street home. Having released eyoot pollution, you will allow skin to breathe and have a rest. Thanks to it since morning your person will look it much better and is fresher.

Even at problem skin it is not necessary to use the clearing means containing alcohol. They break a protective cover of skin therefore it becomes even easier for bacteria to get into sebaceous glands.

Some modern means can be useful to removal of a make-up from eyes not only to women, but also men as they possess remarkable property - to eliminate hypostases and shadows under the eyes. For this purpose they need to be applied as 15 - a minute compress.

It is better to delete a resistant make-up not with ordinary means for washing, and a special milk or two-phase lotion.

Clarification is procedure very pleasant and necessary for our skin, but it is important to remember that it is not necessary to abuse it. Look after the skin correctly, then it long will remain beautiful and young!