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To increase or reduce life term?

Life are much shorter than time necessary for the solution of all problems which it before us puts.

U one body is added with claws and canines, hoofs or an armor, others should supplement it with the weapon and equipment, to place for strong walls and steel doors. One of functions of a body of the living being irrespective of the fact how it looks - to stand in fight for own survival, to resist to world around and to survive, including on others, for example, eating others or forcing out them from vital space.

Intended for fight for a survival, the body as the tool of the personality can be used in any purposes. Choosing to work only for itself or a limited circle the the person goes on the way building matters, so, weightings of the body in any way: surplus of food and clothes, situation, money, property, etc. The more matters, the more efforts leave on its preservation and protection against external influences. The body, even the most well-groomed, is ill, grows old, wears out until with physical death loses everything.

There is a question: how to keep the body from negative impacts of the imperfect world (including, accidents, aggression, diseases)? There is such concept - intuition. It is reaction to the situation which developed, but not shown yet, as a rule, the constituting danger. The intuition is shown in such a way that the person, without reflecting and without arguing logically, necessary for preservation of life does all. The intuition directs a body so that harm did not happen.

Someone will ask: and self-preservation instinct? I will explain. Being in wild spirits, the instinct forces to escape by all means, even destroying similar. The intuition directs a body, without doing at the same time harm to others. Why the intuition is not always shown? Prevents to apprehend the danger warning negative experience, self-confidence, fear and panic, an azartnost, vanity, a carelessness, risk, envy etc. of

Intuition is one of the external positive sources of information directed to preservation of a body.

There is an internal voice opposite to intuition pushing the personality to physical death (to loss of a body). For example, to jump out of a window, to step from the brink of a precipice, to swim away far away from the coast etc. Many cases of such ridiculous, inexplicable death are known.

But even at full safety and the acceptable conditions the term of stay of a body on Earth is limited to time. But it is already a question of other article on microbiology. The concept of time is many-sided, its main sense - the measure filled with events, affairs. This concept reflects the number of the happened changes for the standard unit of measure.

When the personality, having turned the body into the receiver of pleasures, becomes isolated in close virtual world without seeing and without hearing anything around - time passes by it, without leaving any positive results that corresponds to widespread expressions to linger to live fast to kill time . Having been fond, it is possible not to notice how hours, days, months and even years fly by, and there is an emptiness - as though did not live.

Only reasonable activity allows to use time for advantage, to live in the true sense of the word. The person occupied with positive business develops skills, abilities, abilities which reduce time for performance of each business. So, creative activity and improvement in affairs allows to remove time framework. And to keep a body in which we are, in working order for performance of the tasks aimed at the development of the personality. The personality is more perfect, the she is less dependent on time.

Life time on Earth is closely connected with actions of the personality and intuition. The more negative experience, the farther from positive sources. What to choose, plus or minus, depends on each of us.

What should not be done, do not do that even in thoughts . (Epiktet)