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How offended Alexander Shulgin?

Behind a window were poured by a rain. At heart at Fedka somehow it became very sad. In a schoolyard during such heavy rain you will not go to a bare shop. To himself nobody did not want to be called too. His tupogolovy friends with the virtual races cloyed already rather Fedora. There was a sharp wish for something brand new, unusual, allowing to escape from gray daily occurrence!

Well think sami:kazhdy day not to know, where to put itself, not to know what to be engaged in?! The virtual reality did not help Fedke to have a good time any more.

That it to think up such? What would swine learn that I live in this world too?! - flew in a head, colors of a spring dandelion.

What is usually done by the people wishing to attract attention? - began to argue dandelion . Well... on - an example, terrorize passersby different questions... and if you are immured within four walls? Then send sms on the Russian Radio - songs order! Fedk`s

grabbed phone and scribbled: I have a birthday, put a cool song! Fedya.

To a concert according to applications there were two more hours and it was necessary to fill them with something.

It is possible to be kidding in a chat... drearily Fedor thought.

And... it is better to polazit on is not present... can che - the thread interesting will get... Oh... and in Blogs - that and star is! Here to some Star on a head to go off with a bang! * Aha... who here at us the most popular? And... Alexander Shulgin!? Got, smart guy!!!!! Fedk`s

is diligent, with joyful voluptuousness keyed: SHULGIN is the UNTALENTED PERSON AND the PLAGIARIST, the SHAME of the RUSSIAN NATION!!!

Having admired the creation in a frame for sending letters, Fedka solemnly added it in the comment to the master. Then loaded the photo.

of Enthusiastic pleasure of Feduni was not a limit! At last, came true! At last it, it courageous and it is uncompromising - honest all country will know by sight! And if carries, so also will talk to it, will argue! Here the high will posobachitsya!!!!!

In unison with fedkiny pleasure the drumbeat in the earphones thrust into its ears, red from pleasure, was hammered; the guitar moaned in an attack of fatal frenzy - Olga Matylkova`s song " began to sound; The sky " Cries;:

The sky -

Byl cries bitterly or nebyl - we do not know with you.

But destinies is added the page.

I with love look from the sky of the person

of our ancestors: close and far,

Forgotten, unsociable, strict,

Legkokrylykh as a heavenly stroke -

of Destinies human an eternal sketch.

A rain on roofs,

the Rain on the persons

Long, will long dream.

the Rain is more and more silent - Ochishchenye`s


The rain giving us forgiveness.

The sky cries bitterly.

Why why - we do not know with you.

Therefore that to them not to come back.

to their affairs not to change any more.

will Eternally cry, feeling sorry for us

From monastery Nebes Avenue

the Pouring rain will fall to the ground... I watch

Ya at the sky - to souls vnemlyu.

A rain on roofs,

the Rain on the persons

Long. will long dream.

the Rain is more and more silent - Ochishchenye`s


the Rain giving us forgiveness...

I hear, whisper drops: Do not wriggle, you yourself and the neighbor love


you do not blame For trifles of each other, always each other protect


the Sun moves apart clouds softly.

Divine caress

Up calls Is not present, children, Life does not die

A in the sky of soul warms.

A rain on roofs,

the Rain on the persons

Long, will long dream.

the Rain is more and more silent - Ochishchenye`s


the Rain giving us forgiveness...

Fedka raged, dancing in a step to music and it, to the poor creature, it was not known that during this instant the SKY cries also on his soul which grew with a ryegrass too...