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Rules of a good form. How to choose the voice-frequency means?

With approach to the oseena - the winter period contents of our cosmetics bag change a little. In the summer many prefer very easy make-up or in general its absence whereas in the winter we approach a make-up more seriously and thoroughly. Without what the ideal make-up is impossible? Of course, without voice-frequency means! It not only will level skin, will improve complexion and will hide shortcomings, voice-frequency means will protect your skin from cold and wind in the oseena - the winter period.

That who for any reasons in a make-up does not use voice-frequency means, I recommend to read article of the Rule of a good form. What myths about voice-frequency means exist. Perhaps, you reconsider the relation to them, the modern cosmetic industry develops very quickly and improved.

The first that needs to be considered at the choice of voice-frequency means is a type of your skin. Compact powders suit any type of skin, except dry as can pull together it. Compact voice-frequency cream are contraindicated to fat skin - they contain too many oils, and at it is them and so much. Liquid voice-frequency cream suit all.

It is necessary to consider also specific features of your skin. If you have a sensitive skin, it is better to pick up hypoallergenic means. Ladies aged should not use voice-frequency cream with very dense texture - gathering in wrinkles, they will make them even more considerably.

If you have a fat skin and a make-up begins to float already through a couple of hours after drawing, use resistant foundation, it, like lifting serum, forms a soft mobile film which provides incredibly long life to your make-up on skin!

Revolution in the field of voice-frequency means - powder with hydrocapsules. It moistens skin and interferes with moisture evaporation. Such powder will suit owners of any type of skin. The rhythm of the modern city often forces to suffer our skin from dehydration.

That voice-frequency means exactly laid down on skin and remained during long time, at first it is necessary to apply the moisturizing cream on skin. The voice-frequency basis imposed directly on dry skin will have non-uniform texture.

There are also such voice-frequency means as dot proofreaders. They are used for elimination of such shortcomings as heat-spots, bruises, pigmentary spots and vascular asterisks - that is where the voice-frequency basis can not cope. Proofreaders are firm - in the form of pencils, creamy and liquid. Proofreaders differ from a voice-frequency basis in high content of a pigment.

By means of voice-frequency means it is possible not only to hide shortcomings, but also to change visually a little features. That to mold new face form, makeup artists advise simply to present it, and superfluous to darken all powder. Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to possess some skills almost at the professional level, than not each of us can brag. But nevertheless not superfluous will know that dark and cold tone visually reduce, and light and warm - give volume.

For example visually to reduce Uma Thurman`s nose, makeup artists apply on a nose bridge nacreous base and light tone, and on a nose tip slightly - slightly dark foundation.

Frenchwomen have a saying: Is one tone lighter - ten years more young! . Really, light foundation and it is gentle - peach blush is capable to make the person is fresher and is younger. But if means is lighter than skin more than on two tones, the person will become similar to a mask so observe a measure.

Foundation is slightly lighter than your skin is irreplaceable when photographing. And if it also have the matting effect - you precisely will have magnificent photos!

What else it is necessary to consider at the choice of voice-frequency means? The peach base is ideal at pale, dim skin and is good at a sunlight. The shining basis under a make-up looks in the evening better. Pinkish shades neutralize earthy complexion. Not without reason our grandmothers so loved pink powder!

And here the greenish basis will help to hide heat-spots and inflammations. Also it will suit those who easily redden. The princess Diana possessing sensitive skin used it in day of the wedding.

I hope, this article helped you will be defined in the choice the tonalno means also gave answers to the questions interesting you. And at the tone choice, undoubtedly, its quality has to be the main criterion!