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Rules of a good form. What myths about voice-frequency means exist?

In spite of the fact that the modern cosmetics meets all requirements of quality, many women prefer not to use voice-frequency means. The cause is the popular beliefs which appeared not one decades ago. Isn`t it time to dispel these myths?

Myth 1. Voice-frequency means, especially creams, do not allow skin to breathe.

Actually modern means, thanks to the silicone polymers which are their part form the thinnest elastic grid which freely passes air on a skin surface.

Myth 2. Voice-frequency means dry skin.

is Rather on the contrary. The fats and nutritious oils which are a part of foundations protect skin from dehydration, protect it from pollution and overcooling. Just at the choice of voice-frequency means it is necessary to consider type of your skin.

Now we have an opportunity to pick up ideal means even for the most whimsical skin. Foundation or mousse, for fat - friable or compact powder, and also liquid creams with the low content of oils most of all is suitable for dry and normal skin.

Myth 3. Voice-frequency means cause spots.

It is perfect a lie. On the contrary - foundations quite often contain the substances interfering developing of spots, for example such medical components as triklozan and salicylic acid.

Spots can develop from - for bad clarifications of skin. That it did not occur, carefully remove a make-up special means.

Also emergence of spots can provoke incorrectly picked up means. It is known that fat skin is more inclined to developing of spots and micro - inflammations. Compact foundations as they contain too many oils not really are suitable for skin of this kind. Liquid foundations or friable powder are suitable for fat skin more.

In rare instances heat-spots and inflammations develop in case of allergic reaction to any component of voice-frequency means. But here not foundation, and features of your organism is guilty any more. The substance which caused an allergy can be present at any cosmetic product.

Myth 4. Voice-frequency means accelerate aging of skin.

On the contrary - voice-frequency means interfere with aging of skin. Practically sun-protection filters enter all modern voice-frequency means, and they, as we know, protect skin from pernicious influence of an ultraviolet, thereby prolonging her youth.

Antioxidants which also fight for beauty and youth of your skin also are a part of some modern voice-frequency means.

Myth 5. If to put voice-frequency means, the person will become similar to a mask. to

Yes, if to you does not suit a shade of cream or powder. It is ideal if you pick up to yourself voice-frequency means which will precisely coincide with a natural shade of your skin.

A tolerance - means can be one tone lighter or is floor tones more dark than your skin. Having put such means, it is necessary to shade very carefully borders, especially around a chin and a neck, and also near ears.

It is undesirable to use means if it differs from a natural shade of your skin more than on one tone, the risk that it will really look artificially is big.

Myth 6. Tone levels complexion, but does not hide well noticeable shortcomings, such as vascular asterisks, reddenings and bruises. And if hides, then looks artificially.

Modern foundations contain the maximum quantity of pigments and at the same time keep easy texture. If shortcomings nevertheless are noticeable, along with foundation use the proofreader.

Heat-spots and reddenings will be hidden by the proofreader of green color, pink and lilac proofreaders help to get rid of gray, earthy complexion, and bruises will be hidden by the yellow proofreader.

In my opinion, it is impossible to save on voice-frequency means, that the make-up was good, tone has to be Good too ! Therefore it is better to give preference to qualitative modern cosmetic products, tone is a basis of your make-up!